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// Copyright 2019 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:file/file.dart';
import 'package:file/local.dart';
import 'package:meta/meta.dart';
import 'package:path/path.dart' as path;
import 'command_line.dart';
import 'operation_result.dart';
import 'ssh_key_manager.dart';
/// A wrapper for running Fuchsia images on the Android Emulator (AEMU).
class Emulator {
/// Creates a new wrapper for the `emu` tool.
@required this.aemuPath,
@required this.fuchsiaImagePath,
@required this.fuchsiaSdkPath,
this.fs = const LocalFileSystem(),
this.cli = const CommandLine(),
@required this.qemuKernelPath,
@required this.sshKeyManager,
@required this.zbiPath,
}) : assert(cli != null),
assert(fs != null);
/// The path to the AEMU executable on disk.
final String aemuPath;
/// Fuchsia image to load into the emulator.
final String fuchsiaImagePath;
/// The path to the Fuchsia SDK that contains the tools `fvm` and `zbi`.
final String fuchsiaSdkPath;
/// The QEMU kernel image to use. This is only bundled in Fuchsia QEMU images.
final String qemuKernelPath;
/// The Fuchsia bootloader image.
final String zbiPath;
/// Location of `fvm` in [fuchsiaSdkPath].
final String fvmToolPath = 'sdk/tools/fvm';
/// Location of `zbi` in [fuchsiaSdkPath].
final String zbiToolPath = 'sdk/tools/zbi';
/// Default AEMU window size to be launched.
final String defaultWindowSize = '1280x800';
/// Flag to pass to AEMU to run in headless mode.
final String aemuHeadlessFlag = '-no-window';
/// [SshKeyManager] for creating `authorized_keys` to access emulator.
final SshKeyManager sshKeyManager;
/// The [FileSystem] to use when running the `emu` tool.
final FileSystem fs;
/// The [CommandLine] wrapper for interacting with the current shell.
final CommandLine cli;
/// FVM extended image of [fuchsiaImagePath] for running on FEMU.
String fvmImagePath;
/// [zbiPath] that is accessible with SSH using [sshPath] keys.
String signedZbiPath;
/// Update given Fuchsia assets to make them compatible with FEMU.
/// 1. Ensure required assets exist.
/// 2. Create FVM image for running with FEMU.
/// 3. Sign boot image for host access to the guest FEMU instance.
Future<void> prepareEnvironment() async {
final String tmpPath = fs.systemTempDirectory.createTempSync().path;
fvmImagePath = '$tmpPath/fvm.blk';
signedZbiPath = '$tmpPath/fuchsia-ssh.zbi';
await _prepareFvmImage(fuchsiaImagePath, fvmImagePath);
await _signBootImage(zbiPath, signedZbiPath);
/// Double the size of [fuchsiaImagePath] to make space for the emulator
/// to write back to it.
Future<void> _prepareFvmImage(String fuchsiaImagePath, String fvmPath,
{String fvmExecutable}) async {
fvmExecutable ??= path.join(fuchsiaSdkPath, fvmToolPath);
await<String>['cp', fuchsiaImagePath, fvmPath]);
/// [fvmTool] and FEMU need write access to [fvmPath].
await<String>['chmod', 'u+w', fvmPath]);
// Calculate new size by doubling the current size
final File fvmFile = fs.file(fvmPath)..createSync();
final int newSize = fvmFile.lengthSync() * 2;
<String>[fvmExecutable, fvmPath, 'extend', '--length', '$newSize']);
/// Signed [zbiPath] using [zbiExecutable] with [publicKeyPath] to
/// create a bootloader image that is accessible from the host.
Future<void> _signBootImage(String zbiPath, String signedZbiPath,
{String zbiExecutable}) async {
zbiExecutable ??= path.join(fuchsiaSdkPath, zbiToolPath);
await sshKeyManager.createKeys();
/// Ensure `zbi` is able to find the ssh keys by giving the full path.
final File authorizedKeysAbsolute =
final List<String> zbiCommand = <String>[
/// Launch AEMU with [fvmImagePath], [signedZbiPath], and [qemuKernelPath].
/// [prepareEnvironment] must have been called before starting the emulator.
/// If [headless] is true, AEMU will run without a graphical window. Infra
/// will run AEMU in headless mode.
/// [windowSize] is what AEMU will set its window size to. Defaults to
/// [defaultWindowSize]. Expected to be in the format of "WIDTHxHEIGHT".
Future<OperationResult> start(
{bool headless = false, String windowSize}) async {
assert(fvmImagePath != null && fs.isFileSync(fvmImagePath));
assert(signedZbiPath != null && fs.isFileSync(signedZbiPath));
final List<String> aemuCommand = <String>[
windowSize ?? defaultWindowSize,
if (headless) aemuHeadlessFlag,
/// Anything after -fuchsia flag will be passed to QEMU
'-kernel', qemuKernelPath,
'-initrd', signedZbiPath,
'-m', '2048',
'-serial', 'stdio',
'-vga', 'none',
'-device', 'virtio-keyboard-pci',
'-device', 'virtio_input_multi_touch_pci_1',
'-smp', '4,threads=2',
'-machine', 'q35',
'-device', 'isa-debug-exit,iobase=0xf4,iosize=0x04',
// TODO(chillers): Add hardware acceleration option to configure this.
'-cpu', 'host,migratable=no,+invtsc',
'-netdev', 'type=tap,ifname=qemu,script=no,downscript=no,id=net0',
'-device', 'e1000,netdev=net0,mac=52:54:00:63:5e:7a',
'-drive', 'file=$fvmImagePath,format=raw,if=none,id=vdisk',
'-device', 'virtio-blk-pci,drive=vdisk',
// TODO(chillers): Generate entropy mixin.
'\'TERM=xterm-256color kernel.serial=legacy kernel.entropy-mixin=660486b6b20b4ace3fb5c81b0002abf5271289185c6a5620707606c55b377562 kernel.halt-on-panic=true\'',
await cli.start(aemuCommand);
return OperationResult.success();