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// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:collection/collection.dart' show ListEquality;
import 'package:meta/meta.dart';
import 'pigeon_lib.dart';
final Function _listEquals = const ListEquality<dynamic>().equals;
/// Enum that represents where an [Api] is located, on the host or Flutter.
enum ApiLocation {
/// The API is for calling functions defined on the host.
/// The API is for calling functions defined in Flutter.
/// Superclass for all AST nodes.
class Node {}
/// Represents a method on an [Api].
class Method extends Node {
/// Parametric constructor for [Method].
required this.returnType,
required this.arguments,
this.isAsynchronous = false,
this.objcSelector = '',
this.taskQueueType = TaskQueueType.serial,
/// The name of the method.
String name;
/// The data-type of the return value.
TypeDeclaration returnType;
/// The arguments passed into the [Method].
List<NamedType> arguments;
/// Whether the receiver of this method is expected to return synchronously or not.
bool isAsynchronous;
/// The offset in the source file where the field appears.
int? offset;
/// An override for the generated objc selector (ex. "divideNumber:by:").
String objcSelector;
/// Specifies how handlers are dispatched with respect to threading.
TaskQueueType taskQueueType;
String toString() {
final String objcSelectorStr =
objcSelector.isEmpty ? '' : ' objcSelector:$objcSelector';
return '(Method name:$name returnType:$returnType arguments:$arguments isAsynchronous:$isAsynchronous$objcSelectorStr)';
/// Represents a collection of [Method]s that are hosted on a given [location].
class Api extends Node {
/// Parametric constructor for [Api].
required this.location,
required this.methods,
/// The name of the API.
String name;
/// Where the API's implementation is located, host or Flutter.
ApiLocation location;
/// List of methods inside the API.
List<Method> methods;
/// The name of the Dart test interface to generate to help with testing.
String? dartHostTestHandler;
String toString() {
return '(Api name:$name location:$location methods:$methods)';
/// A specific instance of a type.
class TypeDeclaration {
/// Constructor for [TypeDeclaration].
const TypeDeclaration({
required this.baseName,
required this.isNullable,
this.typeArguments = const <TypeDeclaration>[],
/// Void constructor.
const TypeDeclaration.voidDeclaration()
: baseName = 'void',
isNullable = false,
typeArguments = const <TypeDeclaration>[];
/// The base name of the [TypeDeclaration] (ex 'Foo' to 'Foo<Bar>?').
final String baseName;
/// Returns true if the declaration represents 'void'.
bool get isVoid => baseName == 'void';
/// The type arguments to the entity (ex 'Bar' to 'Foo<Bar>?').
final List<TypeDeclaration> typeArguments;
/// True if the type is nullable.
final bool isNullable;
int get hashCode {
// This has to be implemented because TypeDeclaration is used as a Key to a
// Map in generator_tools.dart.
int hash = 17;
hash = hash * 37 + baseName.hashCode;
hash = hash * 37 + isNullable.hashCode;
for (final TypeDeclaration typeArgument in typeArguments) {
hash = hash * 37 + typeArgument.hashCode;
return hash;
bool operator ==(Object other) {
if (other.runtimeType != runtimeType) {
return false;
} else {
return other is TypeDeclaration &&
baseName == other.baseName &&
isNullable == other.isNullable &&
_listEquals(typeArguments, other.typeArguments);
String toString() {
final String typeArgumentsStr =
typeArguments.isEmpty ? '' : 'typeArguments:$typeArguments';
return '(TypeDeclaration baseName:$baseName isNullable:$isNullable$typeArgumentsStr)';
/// Represents a named entity that has a type.
class NamedType extends Node {
/// Parametric constructor for [NamedType].
NamedType({required, required this.type, this.offset});
/// The name of the entity.
String name;
/// The type.
TypeDeclaration type;
/// The offset in the source file where the [NamedType] appears.
int? offset;
String toString() {
return '(NamedType name:$name type:$type)';
/// Represents a class with fields.
class Class extends Node {
/// Parametric constructor for [Class].
required this.fields,
/// The name of the class.
String name;
/// All the fields contained in the class.
List<NamedType> fields;
String toString() {
return '(Class name:$name fields:$fields)';
/// Represents a Enum.
class Enum extends Node {
/// Parametric constructor for [Enum].
required this.members,
/// The name of the enum.
String name;
/// All of the members of the enum.
List<String> members;
String toString() {
return '(Enum name:$name members:$members)';
/// Top-level node for the AST.
class Root extends Node {
/// Parametric constructor for [Root].
required this.classes,
required this.apis,
required this.enums,
/// Factory function for generating an empty root, usually used when early errors are encountered.
factory Root.makeEmpty() {
return Root(apis: <Api>[], classes: <Class>[], enums: <Enum>[]);
/// All the classes contained in the AST.
List<Class> classes;
/// All the API's contained in the AST.
List<Api> apis;
/// All of the enums contained in the AST.
List<Enum> enums;
String toString() {
return '(Root classes:$classes apis:$apis enums:$enums)';