This package is used by Flutter CI systems to manage paving and testing Fuchsia devices.

It offers some functionality similar to the fx command in the Fuchsia SDK.

It is not intended for general use.


This tool is meant to be published as an AOT compiled binary distributed via CIPD. To build the AOT binary, run tool/build.sh. This must be done on a Linux machine, and will automatically download a suitable version of Dart to build the binary.

To create the CIPD package, make sure that the build/ folder does not contain any files from testing (e.g. a generated .ssh folder from paving or a copy of ffx or pm). Then run:

cipd create -in build                   \
  -name flutter/fuchsia_ctl/linux-amd64 \
  -ref stable                           \
  -tag version:n.n.n

with an appropriate version string, after running tool/build.sh.