• Fixed documentation for OpenContainer class; replaced openBuilder with closedBuilder.


  • Add links to the spec and codelab.


  • Migrates to null safety.
  • Add routeSettings and filter option to showModal.


  • Fixes for upcoming changes to the flutter framework.


  • Hide implementation of DualTransitionBuilder as the widget has been implemented in the Flutter framework.


  • Introduce usage of DualTransitionBuilder for all transition widgets, preventing ongoing animations at the start of the transition animation from resetting at the end of the transition animations.
  • Fix FadeScaleTransition example's FloatingActionButton being accessible and tappable when it is supposed to be hidden.
  • showModal now defaults to using FadeScaleTransitionConfiguration instead of null.
  • Added const constructors for FadeScaleTransitionConfiguration and ModalConfiguration.
  • Add custom fillColor property to SharedAxisTransition and SharedAxisPageTransitionsBuilder.
  • Fix prefer_const_constructors lint in test and example.
  • Add option useRootNavigator to OpenContainer.
  • Add OpenContainer.onClosed, which is called with a returned value when the container was popped and has returned to the closed state.
  • Fixes a bug with OpenContainer where a crash occurs when the container is dismissed after the container widget itself is removed.


  • Fix override analyzer ignore placement.


  • Fix a typo in the changelog dates
  • Revert use of modern Material text style nomenclature in the example app to be compatible with Flutter's stable branch for the time being.
  • Add override analyzer ignore in modal.dart for reverseTransitionDuration until Flutter's stable branch contains https://github.com/flutter/flutter/pull/48274.


  • Update README.md to better describe Material motion


  • Fixes to pubspec.yaml


  • Fixes to pubspec.yaml


  • Initial release