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Platform Implementation Test Apps

These are test apps for manual testing and automated integration testing of this platform implementation. They are not intended to demonstrate actual use of this package, since the intent is that plugin clients use the app-facing package.

Unless you are making changes to this implementation package, these examples are very unlikely to be relevant.


This package contains multiple exmaples, which are used to test different versions of the Google Maps iOS SDK. Because the plugin's dependency is loosely pinned, CocoaPods will pick the newest version that supports the minimum targetted OS version of the application using the plugin. In order to ensure that the plugin continues to compile against all SDK versions that could resolve, there are multiple largely identical examples, each with a different minimum target iOS version.

In order to avoid wasting CI resources, tests are mostly not duplicated. The test structure is:

  • The oldest version has all of the usual tests (Dart integration, XCTest, XCUITest).
  • The newest version has only XCTests (the cheapest tests), which can be used to unit tests any code paths that are specific to new SDKs (e.g., behind target OS #if checks).

This setup is based on the assumption (based on experience so far) that the changes in the SDK are unlikely to break functionality at runtime, but that we will want to have unit test coverage of new-SDK-only code. New test types can be added to any example if needs change.

Updating Examples

  • When a new major of the SDK comes out that raises the minimum iOS deployment version, a new example with that minimum target should be added to ensure that the plugin compiles with that version of the SDK, and the range in the plugin's podspec file should be bumped to the next major version.
  • When the minimum supported version of Flutter (on stable) reaches the point where the oldest example is for an SDK that can no longer be resolved to, that example should be removed, and all of its testing (Dart integration tests, native unit tests, native UI tests) should be folded into the next-oldest version.