This Flutter plugin allows you to manage and interact with the application's home screen quick actions.

Quick actions refer to the eponymous concept on iOS and to the App Shortcuts APIs on Android.

SupportSDK 16+*9.0+


Initialize the library early in your application's lifecycle by providing a callback, which will then be called whenever the user launches the app via a quick action.

final QuickActions quickActions = const QuickActions();
quickActions.initialize((shortcutType) {
  if (shortcutType == 'action_main') {
    print('The user tapped on the "Main view" action.');
  // More handling code...

Finally, manage the app's quick actions, for instance:

  const ShortcutItem(type: 'action_main', localizedTitle: 'Main view', icon: 'icon_main'),
  const ShortcutItem(type: 'action_help', localizedTitle: 'Help', icon: 'icon_help')

Please note, that the type argument should be unique within your application (among all the registered shortcut items). The optional icon should be the name of the native resource (xcassets on iOS or drawable on Android) that the app will display for the quick action.


* The plugin will compile and run on SDK 16+, but will be a no-op below SDK 25 (Android 7.1).

If the drawables used as icons are not referenced other than in your Dart code, you may need to explicitly mark them to be kept to ensure that they will be available for use in release builds.