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// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'package:file/file.dart';
import 'package:platform/platform.dart';
import 'package:yaml/yaml.dart';
import 'common/core.dart';
import 'common/package_looping_command.dart';
import 'common/plugin_utils.dart';
import 'common/process_runner.dart';
import 'common/repository_package.dart';
/// Key for APK.
const String _platformFlagApk = 'apk';
const String _pluginToolsConfigFileName = '.pluginToolsConfig.yaml';
const String _pluginToolsConfigBuildFlagsKey = 'buildFlags';
const String _pluginToolsConfigGlobalKey = 'global';
const String _pluginToolsConfigExample = '''
- "--no-tree-shake-icons"
- "--dart-define=buildmode=testing"
const int _exitNoPlatformFlags = 3;
const int _exitInvalidPluginToolsConfig = 4;
// Flutter build types. These are the values passed to `flutter build <foo>`.
const String _flutterBuildTypeAndroid = 'apk';
const String _flutterBuildTypeIOS = 'ios';
const String _flutterBuildTypeLinux = 'linux';
const String _flutterBuildTypeMacOS = 'macos';
const String _flutterBuildTypeWeb = 'web';
const String _flutterBuildTypeWindows = 'windows';
const String _flutterBuildTypeAndroidAlias = 'android';
/// A command to build the example applications for packages.
class BuildExamplesCommand extends PackageLoopingCommand {
/// Creates an instance of the build command.
Directory packagesDir, {
ProcessRunner processRunner = const ProcessRunner(),
Platform platform = const LocalPlatform(),
}) : super(packagesDir, processRunner: processRunner, platform: platform) {
aliases: const <String>[_flutterBuildTypeAndroidAlias]);
defaultsTo: '',
help: 'Enables the given Dart SDK experiments.',
// Maps the switch this command uses to identify a platform to information
// about it.
static final Map<String, _PlatformDetails> _platforms =
<String, _PlatformDetails>{
_platformFlagApk: const _PlatformDetails(
pluginPlatform: platformAndroid,
flutterBuildType: _flutterBuildTypeAndroid,
platformIOS: const _PlatformDetails(
pluginPlatform: platformIOS,
flutterBuildType: _flutterBuildTypeIOS,
extraBuildFlags: <String>['--no-codesign'],
platformLinux: const _PlatformDetails(
pluginPlatform: platformLinux,
flutterBuildType: _flutterBuildTypeLinux,
platformMacOS: const _PlatformDetails(
pluginPlatform: platformMacOS,
flutterBuildType: _flutterBuildTypeMacOS,
platformWeb: const _PlatformDetails(
pluginPlatform: platformWeb,
flutterBuildType: _flutterBuildTypeWeb,
platformWindows: const _PlatformDetails(
pluginPlatform: platformWindows,
flutterBuildType: _flutterBuildTypeWindows,
final String name = 'build-examples';
final String description =
'Builds all example apps (IPA for iOS and APK for Android).\n\n'
'This command requires "flutter" to be in your path.\n\n'
'A $_pluginToolsConfigFileName file can be placed in an example app '
'directory to specify additional build arguments. It should be a YAML '
'file with a top-level map containing a single key '
'"$_pluginToolsConfigBuildFlagsKey" containing a map containing a '
'single key "$_pluginToolsConfigGlobalKey" containing a list of build '
Future<void> initializeRun() async {
final List<String> platformFlags = _platforms.keys.toList();
if (!platformFlags.any((String platform) => getBoolArg(platform))) {
'None of ${ platform) => '--$platform').join(', ')} '
'were specified. At least one platform must be provided.');
throw ToolExit(_exitNoPlatformFlags);
Future<PackageResult> runForPackage(RepositoryPackage package) async {
final List<String> errors = <String>[];
final bool isPlugin = isFlutterPlugin(package);
final Iterable<_PlatformDetails> requestedPlatforms = _platforms.entries
(MapEntry<String, _PlatformDetails> entry) => getBoolArg(entry.key))
.map((MapEntry<String, _PlatformDetails> entry) => entry.value);
// Platform support is checked at the package level for plugins; there is
// no package-level platform information for non-plugin packages.
final Set<_PlatformDetails> buildPlatforms = isPlugin
? requestedPlatforms
.where((_PlatformDetails platform) =>
pluginSupportsPlatform(platform.pluginPlatform, package))
: requestedPlatforms.toSet();
String platformDisplayList(Iterable<_PlatformDetails> platforms) {
return p) => p.label).join(', ');
if (buildPlatforms.isEmpty) {
final String unsupported = requestedPlatforms.length == 1
? '${requestedPlatforms.first.label} is not supported'
: 'None of [${platformDisplayList(requestedPlatforms)}] are supported';
return PackageResult.skip('$unsupported by this plugin');
print('Building for: ${platformDisplayList(buildPlatforms)}');
final Set<_PlatformDetails> unsupportedPlatforms =
if (unsupportedPlatforms.isNotEmpty) {
final List<String> skippedPlatforms = unsupportedPlatforms
.map((_PlatformDetails platform) => platform.label)
print('Skipping unsupported platform(s): '
'${skippedPlatforms.join(', ')}');
bool builtSomething = false;
for (final RepositoryPackage example in package.getExamples()) {
final String packageName =
getRelativePosixPath(, from: packagesDir);
for (final _PlatformDetails platform in buildPlatforms) {
// Repo policy is that a plugin must have examples configured for all
// supported platforms. For packages, just log and skip any requested
// platform that a package doesn't have set up.
if (!isPlugin &&
.existsSync()) {
print('Skipping ${platform.label} for $packageName; not supported.');
builtSomething = true;
String buildPlatform = platform.label;
if (platform.label.toLowerCase() != platform.flutterBuildType) {
buildPlatform += ' (${platform.flutterBuildType})';
print('\nBUILDING $packageName for $buildPlatform');
if (!await _buildExample(example, platform.flutterBuildType,
extraBuildFlags: platform.extraBuildFlags)) {
errors.add('$packageName (${platform.label})');
if (!builtSomething) {
if (isPlugin) {
errors.add('No examples found');
} else {
return PackageResult.skip(
'No examples found supporting requested platform(s).');
return errors.isEmpty
? PackageResult.success()
Iterable<String> _readExtraBuildFlagsConfiguration(
Directory directory) sync* {
final File pluginToolsConfig =
if (pluginToolsConfig.existsSync()) {
final Object? configuration =
if (configuration is! YamlMap) {
printError('The $_pluginToolsConfigFileName file must be a YAML map.');
'Currently, the key "$_pluginToolsConfigBuildFlagsKey" is the only one that has an effect.');
'It must itself be a map. Currently, in that map only the key "$_pluginToolsConfigGlobalKey"');
'has any effect; it must contain a list of arguments to pass to the');
printError('flutter tool.');
throw ToolExit(_exitInvalidPluginToolsConfig);
if (configuration.containsKey(_pluginToolsConfigBuildFlagsKey)) {
final Object? buildFlagsConfiguration =
if (buildFlagsConfiguration is! YamlMap) {
'The $_pluginToolsConfigFileName file\'s "$_pluginToolsConfigBuildFlagsKey" key must be a map.');
'Currently, in that map only the key "$_pluginToolsConfigGlobalKey" has any effect; it must ');
'contain a list of arguments to pass to the flutter tool.');
throw ToolExit(_exitInvalidPluginToolsConfig);
if (buildFlagsConfiguration.containsKey(_pluginToolsConfigGlobalKey)) {
final Object? globalBuildFlagsConfiguration =
if (globalBuildFlagsConfiguration is! YamlList) {
'The $_pluginToolsConfigFileName file\'s "$_pluginToolsConfigBuildFlagsKey" key must be a map');
printError('whose "$_pluginToolsConfigGlobalKey" key is a list.');
'That list must contain a list of arguments to pass to the flutter tool.');
'For example, the $_pluginToolsConfigFileName file could look like:');
throw ToolExit(_exitInvalidPluginToolsConfig);
yield* globalBuildFlagsConfiguration.cast<String>();
Future<bool> _buildExample(
RepositoryPackage example,
String flutterBuildType, {
List<String> extraBuildFlags = const <String>[],
}) async {
final String enableExperiment = getStringArg(kEnableExperiment);
final int exitCode = await processRunner.runAndStream(
if (enableExperiment.isNotEmpty)
return exitCode == 0;
/// A collection of information related to a specific platform.
class _PlatformDetails {
const _PlatformDetails(
this.label, {
required this.pluginPlatform,
required this.flutterBuildType,
this.extraBuildFlags = const <String>[],
/// The name to use in output.
final String label;
/// The key in a pubspec's platform: entry.
final String pluginPlatform;
/// The `flutter build` build type.
final String flutterBuildType;
/// The Flutter platform directory name.
// In practice, this is the same as the plugin platform key for all platforms.
// If that changes, this can be adjusted.
String get flutterPlatformDirectory => pluginPlatform;
/// Any extra flags to pass to `flutter build`.
final List<String> extraBuildFlags;