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// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:file/file.dart';
import 'package:pub_semver/pub_semver.dart';
import 'package:yaml_edit/yaml_edit.dart';
import 'common/core.dart';
import 'common/package_looping_command.dart';
import 'common/repository_package.dart';
const int _exitUnknownVersion = 3;
/// A command to update the minimum Flutter and Dart SDKs of packages.
class UpdateMinSdkCommand extends PackageLoopingCommand {
/// Creates a publish metadata updater command instance.
UpdateMinSdkCommand(Directory packagesDir) : super(packagesDir) {
mandatory: true,
help: 'The minimum version of Flutter to set SDK constraints to.');
static const String _flutterMinFlag = 'flutter-min';
late final Version _flutterMinVersion;
late final Version _dartMinVersion;
final String name = 'update-min-sdk';
final String description = 'Updates the Flutter and Dart SDK minimums '
'in pubspec.yaml to match the given Flutter version.';
final PackageLoopingType packageLoopingType =
bool get hasLongOutput => false;
Future<void> initializeRun() async {
_flutterMinVersion = Version.parse(getStringArg(_flutterMinFlag));
final Version? dartMinVersion = getDartSdkForFlutterSdk(_flutterMinVersion);
if (dartMinVersion == null) {
printError('Dart SDK version for Fluter SDK version '
'$_flutterMinVersion is unknown. '
'Please update the map for getDartSdkForFlutterSdk with the '
'corresponding Dart version.');
throw ToolExit(_exitUnknownVersion);
_dartMinVersion = dartMinVersion;
Future<PackageResult> runForPackage(RepositoryPackage package) async {
final Pubspec pubspec = package.parsePubspec();
const String environmentKey = 'environment';
const String dartSdkKey = 'sdk';
const String flutterSdkKey = 'flutter';
final VersionRange? dartRange = _sdkRange(pubspec, dartSdkKey);
final VersionRange? flutterRange = _sdkRange(pubspec, flutterSdkKey);
final YamlEditor editablePubspec =
if (dartRange != null &&
(dartRange.min ?? Version.none) < _dartMinVersion) {
Version upperBound = _dartMinVersion.nextMajor;
// pub special-cases 3.0.0 as an upper bound to be treated as 4.0.0, and
// using 3.0.0 is now an error at upload time, so special case it here.
if (upperBound.major == 3) {
upperBound = upperBound.nextMajor;
<String>[environmentKey, dartSdkKey],
VersionRange(min: _dartMinVersion, includeMin: true, max: upperBound)
print('${indentation}Updating Dart minimum to $_dartMinVersion');
if (flutterRange != null &&
(flutterRange.min ?? Version.none) < _flutterMinVersion) {
editablePubspec.update(<String>[environmentKey, flutterSdkKey],
VersionRange(min: _flutterMinVersion, includeMin: true).toString());
print('${indentation}Updating Flutter minimum to $_flutterMinVersion');
return PackageResult.success();
/// Returns the given "environment" section's [key] constraint as a range,
/// if the key is present and has a range.
VersionRange? _sdkRange(Pubspec pubspec, String key) {
final VersionConstraint? constraint = pubspec.environment?[key];
if (constraint is VersionRange) {
return constraint;
return null;