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// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:args/command_runner.dart';
import 'package:file/file.dart';
import 'package:git/git.dart';
import 'package:pub_semver/pub_semver.dart';
import 'package:yaml_edit/yaml_edit.dart';
import 'common/core.dart';
import 'common/git_version_finder.dart';
import 'common/package_looping_command.dart';
import 'common/package_state_utils.dart';
import 'common/repository_package.dart';
/// Supported version change types, from smallest to largest component.
enum _VersionIncrementType { build, bugfix, minor }
/// Possible results of attempting to update a file.
enum _ChangelogUpdateOutcome { addedSection, updatedSection, failed }
/// A state machine for the process of updating a
enum _ChangelogUpdateState {
/// Looking for the first version section.
/// Looking for the first list entry in an existing section.
/// Finished with updates.
/// A command to update the changelog, and optionally version, of packages.
class UpdateReleaseInfoCommand extends PackageLoopingCommand {
/// Creates a publish metadata updater command instance.
Directory packagesDir, {
GitDir? gitDir,
}) : super(packagesDir, gitDir: gitDir) {
mandatory: true,
help: 'The changelog entry to add. '
'Each line will be a separate list entry.');
mandatory: true,
help: 'The version change level',
allowed: <String>[
allowedHelp: <String, String>{
'No version change; just adds a NEXT entry to the changelog.',
_versionBugfix: 'Increments the bugfix version.',
_versionMinor: 'Increments the minor version.',
_versionMinimal: 'Depending on the changes to each package: '
'increments the bugfix version (for publishable changes), '
"uses NEXT (for changes that don't need to be published), "
'or skips (if no changes).',
static const String _changelogFlag = 'changelog';
static const String _versionTypeFlag = 'version';
static const String _versionNext = 'next';
static const String _versionBugfix = 'bugfix';
static const String _versionMinor = 'minor';
static const String _versionMinimal = 'minimal';
// The version change type, if there is a set type for all platforms.
// If null, either there is no version change, or it is dynamic (`minimal`).
_VersionIncrementType? _versionChange;
// The cache of changed files, for dynamic version change determination.
// Only set for `minimal` version change.
late final List<String> _changedFiles;
final String name = 'update-release-info';
final String description = 'Updates files, and optionally the '
'version in pubspec.yaml, in a way that is consistent with version-check '
bool get hasLongOutput => false;
Future<void> initializeRun() async {
if (getStringArg(_changelogFlag).trim().isEmpty) {
throw UsageException('Changelog message must not be empty.', usage);
switch (getStringArg(_versionTypeFlag)) {
case _versionMinor:
_versionChange = _VersionIncrementType.minor;
case _versionBugfix:
_versionChange = _VersionIncrementType.bugfix;
case _versionMinimal:
final GitVersionFinder gitVersionFinder = await retrieveVersionFinder();
// If the line below fails with "Not a valid object name FETCH_HEAD"
// run "git fetch", FETCH_HEAD is a temporary reference that only exists
// after a fetch. This can happen when a branch is made locally and
// pushed but never fetched.
_changedFiles = await gitVersionFinder.getChangedFiles();
// Anothing other than a fixed change is null.
_versionChange = null;
case _versionNext:
_versionChange = null;
throw UnimplementedError('Unimplemented version change type');
Future<PackageResult> runForPackage(RepositoryPackage package) async {
String nextVersionString;
_VersionIncrementType? versionChange = _versionChange;
// If the change type is `minimal` determine what changes, if any, are
// needed.
if (versionChange == null &&
getStringArg(_versionTypeFlag) == _versionMinimal) {
final Directory gitRoot = gitDir).path);
final String relativePackagePath =
getRelativePosixPath(, from: gitRoot);
final PackageChangeState state = await checkPackageChangeState(package,
changedPaths: _changedFiles,
relativePackagePath: relativePackagePath);
if (!state.hasChanges) {
return PackageResult.skip('No changes to package');
if (!state.needsVersionChange && !state.needsChangelogChange) {
return PackageResult.skip('No non-exempt changes to package');
if (state.needsVersionChange) {
versionChange = _VersionIncrementType.bugfix;
if (versionChange != null) {
final Version? updatedVersion =
_updatePubspecVersion(package, versionChange);
if (updatedVersion == null) {
<String>['Could not determine current version.']);
nextVersionString = updatedVersion.toString();
print('${indentation}Incremented version to $nextVersionString.');
} else {
nextVersionString = 'NEXT';
final _ChangelogUpdateOutcome updateOutcome =
_updateChangelog(package, nextVersionString);
switch (updateOutcome) {
case _ChangelogUpdateOutcome.addedSection:
print('${indentation}Added a $nextVersionString section.');
case _ChangelogUpdateOutcome.updatedSection:
print('${indentation}Updated NEXT section.');
case _ChangelogUpdateOutcome.failed:
return<String>['Could not update']);
return PackageResult.success();
_ChangelogUpdateOutcome _updateChangelog(
RepositoryPackage package, String version) {
if (!package.changelogFile.existsSync()) {
return _ChangelogUpdateOutcome.failed;
final String newHeader = '## $version';
final RegExp listItemPattern = RegExp(r'^(\s*[-*])');
final StringBuffer newChangelog = StringBuffer();
_ChangelogUpdateState state = _ChangelogUpdateState.findingFirstSection;
bool updatedExistingSection = false;
for (final String line in package.changelogFile.readAsLinesSync()) {
switch (state) {
case _ChangelogUpdateState.findingFirstSection:
final String trimmedLine = line.trim();
if (trimmedLine.isEmpty) {
// Discard any whitespace at the top of the file.
} else if (trimmedLine == '## NEXT') {
// Replace the header with the new version (which may also be NEXT).
// Find the existing list to add to.
state = _ChangelogUpdateState.findingFirstListItem;
} else {
// The first content in the file isn't a NEXT section, so just add
// the new section.
line, // Don't drop the current line.
state = _ChangelogUpdateState.finishedUpdating;
case _ChangelogUpdateState.findingFirstListItem:
final RegExpMatch? match = listItemPattern.firstMatch(line);
if (match != null) {
final String listMarker = match[1]!;
// Add the new items on top. If the new change is changing the
// version, then the new item should be more relevant to package
// clients than anything that was already there. If it's still
// NEXT, the order doesn't matter.
..._changelogAdditionsAsList(listMarker: listMarker),
line, // Don't drop the current line.
state = _ChangelogUpdateState.finishedUpdating;
updatedExistingSection = true;
} else if (line.trim().isEmpty) {
// Scan past empty lines, but keep them.
} else {
printError(' Existing NEXT section has unrecognized format.');
return _ChangelogUpdateOutcome.failed;
case _ChangelogUpdateState.finishedUpdating:
// Once changes are done, add the rest of the lines as-is.
return updatedExistingSection
? _ChangelogUpdateOutcome.updatedSection
: _ChangelogUpdateOutcome.addedSection;
/// Returns the changelog to add as a Markdown list, using the given list
/// bullet style (default to the repository standard of '*'), and adding
/// any missing periods.
/// E.g., 'A line\nAnother line.' will become:
/// ```
/// [ '* A line.', '* Another line.' ]
/// ```
Iterable<String> _changelogAdditionsAsList({String listMarker = '*'}) {
return getStringArg(_changelogFlag).split('\n').map((String entry) {
String standardizedEntry = entry.trim();
if (!standardizedEntry.endsWith('.')) {
standardizedEntry = '$standardizedEntry.';
return '$listMarker $standardizedEntry';
/// Updates the version in [package]'s pubspec according to [type], returning
/// the new version, or null if there was an error updating the version.
Version? _updatePubspecVersion(
RepositoryPackage package, _VersionIncrementType type) {
final Pubspec pubspec = package.parsePubspec();
final Version? currentVersion = pubspec.version;
if (currentVersion == null) {
printError('${indentation}No version in pubspec.yaml');
return null;
// For versions less than 1.0, shift the change down one component per
// Dart versioning conventions.
final _VersionIncrementType adjustedType = currentVersion.major > 0
? type
: _VersionIncrementType.values[type.index - 1];
final Version newVersion = _nextVersion(currentVersion, adjustedType);
// Write the new version to the pubspec.
final YamlEditor editablePubspec =
editablePubspec.update(<String>['version'], newVersion.toString());
return newVersion;
Version _nextVersion(Version version, _VersionIncrementType type) {
switch (type) {
case _VersionIncrementType.minor:
return version.nextMinor;
case _VersionIncrementType.bugfix:
return version.nextPatch;
final int buildNumber = ? 0 : as int;
return Version(version.major, version.minor, version.patch,
build: '${buildNumber + 1}');