Replace this paragraph with a description of what this PR is changing or adding, and why.

List which issues are fixed by this PR. You must list at least one issue.

If you had to change anything in the flutter/tests repo, include a link to the migration guide as per the breaking change policy.

Pre-launch Checklist

  • [ ] The title of the PR starts with the name of the package surrounded by square brackets, e.g. [shared_preferences]
  • [ ] I read the Contributor Guide and followed the process outlined there for submitting PRs.
  • [ ] I read the Tree Hygiene wiki page, which explains my responsibilities.
  • [ ] I read and followed the Flutter Style Guide.
  • [ ] I listed at least one issue that this PR fixes in the description above.
  • [ ] I added new tests to check the change I am making or feature I am adding, or Hixie said the PR is test-exempt.
  • [ ] I updated pubspec.yaml with an appropriate new version according to the pub versioning philosophy.
  • [ ] I updated to add a description of the change.
  • [ ] I updated/added relevant documentation (doc comments with ///).
  • [ ] I signed the CLA.
  • [ ] All existing and new tests are passing.

If you need help, consider asking for advice on the #hackers-new channel on Discord.