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// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:flutter/widgets.dart';
import 'package:meta/meta.dart';
import 'package:meta/meta_meta.dart';
import 'go_route.dart';
import 'go_router_state.dart';
/// Baseclass for supporting
/// [typed routing](
/// Subclasses must override one of [build], [buildPage], or [redirect].
abstract class GoRouteData {
/// Allows subclasses to have `const` constructors.
/// [GoRouteData] is abstract and cannot be instantiated directly.
const GoRouteData();
/// Creates the [Widget] for `this` route.
/// Subclasses must override one of [build], [buildPage], or [redirect].
/// Corresponds to [GoRoute.builder].
Widget build(BuildContext context) => throw UnimplementedError(
'One of `build` or `buildPage` must be implemented.',
/// A page builder for this route.
/// Subclasses can override this function to provide a custom [Page].
/// Subclasses must override one of [build], [buildPage], or [redirect].
/// Corresponds to [GoRoute.pageBuilder].
/// By default, returns a [Page] instance that is ignored, causing a default
/// [Page] implementation to be used with the results of [build].
Page<void> buildPage(BuildContext context) => const NoOpPage();
/// An optional redirect function for this route.
/// Subclasses must override one of [build], [buildPage], or [redirect].
/// Corresponds to [GoRoute.redirect].
String? redirect() => null;
/// A helper function used by generated code.
/// Should not be used directly.
static String $location(String path, {Map<String, String>? queryParams}) =>
// Avoid `?` in generated location if `queryParams` is empty
queryParams?.isNotEmpty == true ? queryParams : null,
/// A helper function used by generated code.
/// Should not be used directly.
static GoRoute $route<T extends GoRouteData>({
required String path,
required T Function(GoRouterState) factory,
List<GoRoute> routes = const <GoRoute>[],
}) {
T factoryImpl(GoRouterState state) {
final Object? extra = state.extra;
// If the "extra" value is of type `T` then we know it's the source
// instance of `GoRouteData`, so it doesn't need to be recreated.
if (extra is T) {
return extra;
return (_stateObjectExpando[state] ??= factory(state)) as T;
Widget builder(BuildContext context, GoRouterState state) =>
Page<void> pageBuilder(BuildContext context, GoRouterState state) =>
String? redirect(GoRouterState state) => factoryImpl(state).redirect();
return GoRoute(
path: path,
builder: builder,
pageBuilder: pageBuilder,
redirect: redirect,
routes: routes,
/// Used to cache [GoRouteData] that corresponds to a given [GoRouterState]
/// to minimize the number of times it has to be deserialized.
static final Expando<GoRouteData> _stateObjectExpando = Expando<GoRouteData>(
'GoRouteState to GoRouteData expando',
/// Annotation for types that support typed routing.
@Target(<TargetKind>{TargetKind.library, TargetKind.classType})
class TypedGoRoute<T extends GoRouteData> {
/// Instantiates a new instance of [TypedGoRoute].
const TypedGoRoute({
required this.path,
this.routes = const <TypedGoRoute<GoRouteData>>[],
/// The path that corresponds to this rout.
/// See [GoRoute.path].
final String path;
/// Child route definitions.
/// See [GoRoute.routes].
final List<TypedGoRoute<GoRouteData>> routes;
/// Internal class used to signal that the default page behavior should be used.
class NoOpPage extends Page<void> {
/// Creates an instance of NoOpPage;
const NoOpPage();
Route<void> createRoute(BuildContext context) =>
throw UnsupportedError('Should never be called');