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Example Catalog

Get started

flutter run lib/main.dart

An example to demonstrate a simple two-page app.


flutter run lib/sub_routes.dart

An example to demonstrate an app with multi-level routing.

Query parameters and path parameters

flutter run lib/path_and_query_parameters.dart

An example to demonstrate how to use path parameters and query parameters.

Named routes

flutter run lib/named_routes.dart

An example to demonstrate how to navigate using named locations instead of URLs.


flutter run lib/redirection.dart

An example to demonstrate how to use redirect to handle a synchronous sign-in flow.

Asynchronous Redirection

flutter run lib/async_redirection.dart

An example to demonstrate how to use handle a sign-in flow with a stream authentication service.

Books app

flutter run lib/books/main.dart

A fully fledged example that showcases various go_router APIs.