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  1. allowed_pinned_deps.yaml
  2. allowed_unpinned_deps.yaml
  3. custom_analysis.yaml
  4. dart_unit_tests_exceptions.yaml
  5. exclude_all_packages_app.yaml
  6. exclude_integration_android.yaml
  7. exclude_integration_android_emulator.yaml
  8. exclude_integration_ios.yaml
  9. exclude_integration_linux.yaml
  10. exclude_integration_macos.yaml
  11. exclude_integration_web.yaml
  12. exclude_integration_win32.yaml
  13. exclude_native_unit_android.yaml
  15. temp_exclude_excerpt.yaml
  16. windows_unit_tests_exceptions.yaml

This folder contains configuration files that are passed to commands in place of package lists. They are primarily used by CI to opt specific packages out of tests, but can also useful when running multi-package tests locally.

Any entry added to a file in this directory should include a comment. Skipping tests or checks for packages is usually not something we want to do, so the comment should either include an issue link to the issue tracking removing it or (much more rarely) explaining why it is a permanent exclusion.

Expected format:

# Reason for exclusion
- name_of_package

If there are no exclusions there should be an file with [].