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Flutter Plugin Tools

This is a set of utilities used in this repository, both for CI and for local development.

Getting Started

Set up:

cd script/tool && dart pub get && cd ../../


dart run script/tool/bin/flutter_plugin_tools.dart <args>

Many commands require the Flutter-bundled version of Dart to be the first dart in the path.


Run with --help for a full list of commands and arguments, but the following shows a number of common commands being run for a specific package.

Most commands take a --packages argument to control which package(s) the command is targetting. An package name can be any of:

  • The name of a package (e.g., path_provider_android).
  • The name of a federated plugin (e.g., path_provider), in which case all packages that make up that plugin will be targetted.
  • A combination federated_plugin_name/package_name (e.g., path_provider/path_provider for the app-facing package).

The examples below assume they are being run from the repository root, but the script works from anywhere. If you develop in flutter/packages frequently, it may be useful to make an alias for dart run /absolute/path/to/script/tool/bin/flutter_plugin_tools.dart so that you can easily run commands from within packages. For that use case there is also a --current-package flag as an alternative to --packages, to target the current working directory's package (or enclosing package; it can be used from anywhere within a package).

Format Code

dart run script/tool/bin/flutter_plugin_tools.dart format --packages package_name

Run the Dart Static Analyzer

dart run script/tool/bin/flutter_plugin_tools.dart analyze --packages package_name

Run Dart Unit Tests

dart run script/tool/bin/flutter_plugin_tools.dart test --packages package_name

Run Dart Integration Tests

dart run script/tool/bin/flutter_plugin_tools.dart build-examples --apk --packages package_name
dart run script/tool/bin/flutter_plugin_tools.dart drive-examples --android --packages package_name

Replace --apk/--android with the platform you want to test against (omit it to get a list of valid options).

Run Native Tests

native-test takes one or more platform flags to run tests for. By default it runs both unit tests and (on platforms that support it) integration tests, but --no-unit or --no-integration can be used to run just one type.


# Run just unit tests for iOS and Android:
dart run script/tool/bin/flutter_plugin_tools.dart native-test --ios --android --no-integration --packages package_name
# Run all tests for macOS:
dart run script/tool/bin/flutter_plugin_tools.dart native-test --macos --packages package_name
# Run all tests for Windows:
dart run script/tool/bin/flutter_plugin_tools.dart native-test --windows --packages package_name

Update from Example Sources

# Update all .md files for all packages:
dart run script/tool/bin/flutter_plugin_tools.dart update-excerpts

# Update the .md files only for one package:
dart run script/tool/bin/flutter_plugin_tools.dart update-excerpts --packages package_name

See also:

Update CHANGELOG and Version

update-release-info will automatically update the version and following standard repository style and practice. It can be used for single-package updates to handle the details of getting the format correct, but is especially useful for bulk updates across multiple packages.

For instance, if you add a new analysis option that requires production code changes across many packages:

dart run script/tool/bin/flutter_plugin_tools.dart update-release-info \
  --version=minimal \
  --base-branch=upstream/main \
  --changelog="Fixes violations of new analysis option some_new_option."

The minimal option for --version will skip unchanged packages, and treat each changed package as either bugfix or next depending on the files that have changed in that package, so it is often the best choice for a bulk change.

For cases where you know the change type, minor or bugfix will make the corresponding version bump, or next will update only without changing the version.

If you have a standard repository setup, --base-branch=upstream/main will usually give the behavior you want, finding all packages changed relative to the branch point from upstream/main. For more complex use cases where you want a different diff point, you can pass a different --base-branch, or use --base-sha to pick the exact diff point.

Update a dependency

update-dependency will update a pub dependency to a new version.

For instance, to updated to version 3.0.0 of some_package in every package that depends on it:

dart run script/tool/bin/flutter_plugin_tools.dart update-dependency \
  --pub-package=some_package \
  --version=3.0.0 \

If a --version is not provided, the latest version from pub will be used.

Currently this only updates the dependency itself in pubspec.yaml, but in the future this will also update any generated code for packages that use code generation (e.g., regenerating mocks when updating mockito).

Publish a Release

Releases are automated for flutter/packages.

The manual procedure described here is deprecated, and should only be used when the automated process fails. Please, read Releasing a Plugin or Package on the Flutter Wiki first.

cd <path_to_repo>
git checkout <commit_hash_to_publish>
dart run script/tool/bin/flutter_plugin_tools.dart publish --packages <package>

By default the tool tries to push tags to the upstream remote, but some additional settings can be configured. Run dart run script/tool/bin/flutter_plugin_tools.dart publish --help for more usage information.

The tool wraps pub publish for pushing the package to pub, and then will automatically use git to try to create and push tags. It has some additional safety checking around pub publish too. By default pub publish publishes everything, including untracked or uncommitted files in version control. publish will first check the status of the local directory and refuse to publish if there are any mismatched files with version control present.