Updating pigeon-generated files

If you update files in the pigeons/ directory, run the following command in this directory:

flutter pub upgrade
flutter pub run pigeon --input pigeons/messages.dart
# git commit your changes so that your working environment is clean
(cd ../../../; ./script/tool_runner.sh format --clang-format=clang-format-7)

If you update pigeon itself and want to test the changes here, temporarily update the pubspec.yaml by adding the following to the dependency_overrides section, assuming you have checked out the flutter/packages repo in a sibling directory to the plugins repo:


Then, run the commands above. When you run pub get it should warn you that you're using an override. If you do this, you will need to publish pigeon before you can land the updates to this package, since the CI tests run the analysis using latest published version of pigeon, not your version or the version on main.

In either case, the configuration will be obtained automatically from the pigeons/messages.dart file (see ConfigurePigeon at the top of that file).