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// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'package:flutter/foundation.dart';
import 'package:plugin_platform_interface/plugin_platform_interface.dart';
import 'method_channel_shared_preferences.dart';
/// The interface that implementations of shared_preferences must implement.
/// Platform implementations should extend this class rather than implement it as `shared_preferences`
/// does not consider newly added methods to be breaking changes. Extending this class
/// (using `extends`) ensures that the subclass will get the default implementation, while
/// platform implementations that `implements` this interface will be broken by newly added
/// [SharedPreferencesStorePlatform] methods.
abstract class SharedPreferencesStorePlatform extends PlatformInterface {
/// Constructs a SharedPreferencesStorePlatform.
SharedPreferencesStorePlatform() : super(token: _token);
static final Object _token = Object();
/// The default instance of [SharedPreferencesStorePlatform] to use.
/// Defaults to [MethodChannelSharedPreferencesStore].
static SharedPreferencesStorePlatform get instance => _instance;
/// Platform-specific plugins should set this with their own platform-specific
/// class that extends [SharedPreferencesStorePlatform] when they register themselves.
static set instance(SharedPreferencesStorePlatform instance) {
if (!instance.isMock) {
PlatformInterface.verify(instance, _token);
_instance = instance;
static SharedPreferencesStorePlatform _instance =
/// Only mock implementations should set this to true.
/// Mockito mocks are implementing this class with `implements` which is forbidden for anything
/// other than mocks (see class docs). This property provides a backdoor for mockito mocks to
/// skip the verification that the class isn't implemented with `implements`.
@Deprecated('Use MockPlatformInterfaceMixin instead')
bool get isMock => false;
/// Removes the value associated with the [key].
Future<bool> remove(String key);
/// Stores the [value] associated with the [key].
/// The [valueType] must match the type of [value] as follows:
/// * Value type "Bool" must be passed if the value is of type `bool`.
/// * Value type "Double" must be passed if the value is of type `double`.
/// * Value type "Int" must be passed if the value is of type `int`.
/// * Value type "String" must be passed if the value is of type `String`.
/// * Value type "StringList" must be passed if the value is of type `List<String>`.
Future<bool> setValue(String valueType, String key, Object value);
/// Removes all keys and values in the store.
Future<bool> clear();
/// Returns all key/value pairs persisted in this store.
Future<Map<String, Object>> getAll();
/// Stores data in memory.
/// Data does not persist across application restarts. This is useful in unit-tests.
class InMemorySharedPreferencesStore extends SharedPreferencesStorePlatform {
/// Instantiates an empty in-memory preferences store.
InMemorySharedPreferencesStore.empty() : _data = <String, Object>{};
/// Instantiates an in-memory preferences store containing a copy of [data].
InMemorySharedPreferencesStore.withData(Map<String, Object> data)
: _data = Map<String, Object>.from(data);
final Map<String, Object> _data;
Future<bool> clear() async {
return true;
Future<Map<String, Object>> getAll() async {
return Map<String, Object>.from(_data);
Future<bool> remove(String key) async {
return true;
Future<bool> setValue(String valueType, String key, Object value) async {
_data[key] = value;
return true;