Roll recipe dependencies (trivial).

This is an automated CL created by the recipe roller. This CL rolls
recipe changes from upstream projects (depot_tools, fuchsia, recipe_engine) into this repository.

The build that created this CL was

  a83ac93 (
      [depot_tools] roll led
  2530311 (
      Allow depot_tools/.git to be a file
  e7fd0ca (
      [verified-builds]: Update lucicfg to 1.31.4
  0e5881f (
      [cipd] Update the client v2.6.5 => v2.6.7.
  4e6264c (
      [gclient] Specify which DEPS is still using `use_relative_hooks`.
  566e9d0 (
      [git-cl] If set, use `options.title` for initial uploads.
  6628661 (
      [no-sync] Add a skip_sync_revisions and process it before runni...
  18af7ef (
      [no-sync] Update ParseDepsFile to process deps and hooks approp...
  c6798c8 (
      [depot tools] Update six version.
  5a7c824 (
      [no-sync] Add method to check for diffs between the current che...
  6e70e86 (
      Fix to handle CRLF in
  bb07d9e (
      Remove use_rbe gn arg support
  1601b3e (
      git_cache: wrap "git remote show" call in retries
  d22bf60 (
      Add number of presubmit errors/warnings in header
  c3ac73e (
      Remove 'Fetching' check in testTrackTag
  6757d46 (
      Rearrange presubmit timing message for easier scanning
  b4a8efb (
      Teach "fetch pdfium" about the checkout_configuration property.
  968a19b (
      Update Pinpoint CLI for Octopus
  c8fadda (
      New vpython to depot_tools.
  26bc518 (
      Roll out goma client VERSION=250
  8168f76 (
      Update lucicfg from version 1.31.4 to 1.31.5
  ea11cc3 (
      Remove apply_patch_on_gclient property
  26460d8 (
      Fix typos in PDFium fetch config.
  f05fcf7 (
      Update lucicfg from version 1.31.5 to 1.31.6
  90191b1 (
      recipes: use vpython3 in gerrit recipe modules
  9585c93 (
      roll dirmd
  164952a (
      Revert "Update lucicfg from version 1.31.5 to 1.31.6"
  904ca29 (
      [depot_tools] roll led
  f3edc50 (
      [no-sync] Store previous sync commit in memory.
  7298625 (
      recipes: use python3 for
  16d08f0 (
      git-cl: parse baseurl arguments eagerly
  0ba2fd4 (
      Get full paths in presubmit traceback stacks
  fcb6206 (
      Add a fetch config for chrome (internal).
  debf640 (
      Add a fetch config for devtools (internal).
  36bf3a8 (
      yapf: remove unused `re` import
  77da3f2 (
      Fix flaky testRecursedepsCustomdepsOverride.
  647cfe6 (
      pylint: drop unversioned program

  1f6bb38 (
      Make clang_toolchain recipe trigger tip-of-tree Fuchsia builder
  05349d2 (
      [git] Add options to use --filter
  2b7b810 (
      [disabled-tests] Add date_created column for tracking disabled...
  71191c6 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  e1dc8fb (
      [builder_oracle] Fix the command line argument -json-output
  2bfc54c (
      [testing] Pass resultdb tags as a dict
  ceefdd6 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  713ba5a (
      [fuchsia] Add shard_name resultdb tag
  388e966 (
      [tree_closer] Emit output prop of failing builder names
  68482e6 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  c10989a (
      [disabled-tests] Improve regex to catch comments on re-enabling...
  6918a3f (
      Use git from CIPD in Clang Windows build.
  3f1b2e5 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  4a01bb9 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  bcfb549 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  578fb45 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  0cbf698 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  78e51a0 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  5cd032f (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  62013f4 (
      [fuchsia] Avoid setting null swarming bot resultdb tag
  4487363 (
      [checkout] Use api.git.rev_list_count method
  29ba328 (
      [git] Delete `directory` arguments
  0a25622 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  e244a34 (
      [recipes] Enable package prefetching
  58f0bf4 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  772ee4b (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  95746e2 (
      [gerrit] Use list of comments for patchset_level_comment
  6b9ebcd (
      [builder-oracle] Switch to message review_comment
  2eb88cb (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  dd19b3e (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  e8740a7 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  1d182fc (
      [recipe][aemu_downloader] Update mac builder names
  d072eb5 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  49a750c (
      [git] Support multiple --filter args
  07257f6 (
      [clang] Add licenses for boringssl and curl to toolchain.
  dcdebc4 (
      [testing] Only consider distinct tests when checking for mass f...
  8e2fab7 (
      [recipes] Add -use-serial to netbooted shards
  5039237 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  eb67df5 (
      [git_checkout] Support git filters argument
  7cfa50c (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  1a44ebd (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  570386e (
      [gerrit_auto_submit] Pass variables around
  5e74363 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  e857a2a (
      [gerrit_auto_submit] Use Options protobuf
  5edb397 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  07750f7 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  87635b2 (
      [gerrit_auto_submit] Clarify recipe result
  c6911e9 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  76b5ee0 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  56152e2 (
      [gerrit] Mark all steps as infra steps
  a99b690 (
      [recipes] Disable package prefetching
  7d42ac7 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  46a4054 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  52cac15 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  579a1a8 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  b0c3fd1 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  eb7c272 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  34c33d6 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  2445390 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  e598afa (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  3170e94 (
      [gerrit_auto_submit] Proactively cleanup state
  a6d336e (
      [gerrit_auto_submit] Reduce output lines
  2a8bb9c (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  7dcc036 (
      [git] Control tracing with a property
  5fc6433 (
      [recipes] Roll catalyst
  6d0a89f (
      Proto roll for
  667c6a7 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  cacdc29 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  87508b3 (
      [git] Handle non-existent logs when tracing
  414b7cc (
      [OWNERS] Add catduncan to OWNERS
  6aa8142 (
      [builder-oracle] Add extra guard condition to CL commenting
  bcce6a4 (
      Include link to Size Check Failure documentation
  8e27a79 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  10e4b90 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  fcca24c (
      Reland "[coverage] Pass compilation-dir to covargs."
  f6dfb69 (
      [py3] Remove py2 support
  7c82505 (
  44c4aa6 (
      [recipes] Remove catalyst from testing requests
  669e4b3 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest

  fd20a01 (
      [protoc] Use infra/3pp/tools/protoc
  fe62657 (
      Roll CAS Client from 361f01c81b49 to d3fd72180a64
  2fdd5ba (
      Add fast recipe rollback instrucitons
  bb01260 (
      Revert "[file] Add fail_silently to copy and copytree"
  f2ff469 (
      Roll CAS Client from 32fe5c8d8532 to a0ba80649473
  428eeae (
      Update buildbucket protos.
  0ade4d7 (
      Roll CAS Client from 46e5b6417320 to 9fbd373abf97
  a53cb2c (
      [manual_roll] Allow manual_roll to work even when protoc breaks.
  e57338e (
      [luciexe] Update engine to emit build streams with MergeBuild.
  65f334b (
      [legacy_annotation] Allow recipes to specify legacy mode.
  5226416 (
      [legacy_annotations] Only merge properties if legacy_global_nam...
  8f92d0c (
      [python3] Allow repos to be python3-only.
  5db4d22 (
      [lint] Fix Py3 'Disallowed import' failures
  cfdb92c (
      [snoopy] Uprev client provenance reporter tool.
  4b7ba01 (
      [analyze] Fix py3 incompatibility

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Flutter LUCI Recipes

This repository contains Flutter's LUCI recipes. For the LUCI infrastructure config, see flutter/infra. Actual builds can be seen at

Supported repositories roll their .ci.yaml into flutter/infra, which updates what properties builds have. For example, flutter config specifies various dependencies the different tests require, which are then used by the flutter_deps recipe_module No modifications to flutter/infra are required to work on the recipes.


Tricium configurations recipes repo.

Testing locally

Running python test train will execute all of the tests in this repository


Required binary is not found on PATH: cipd when testing locally

You need to ensure depot_tools is installed. See Depot Tools Installation Tutorial