Roll recipe dependencies (trivial).

This is an automated CL created by the recipe roller. This CL rolls
recipe changes from upstream projects (depot_tools, fuchsia, recipe_engine) into this repository.

The build that created this CL was

  945d6a2 (
      [lucicfg] Update 1.30.11 => 1.31.1.
  a375d76 (
      Revert "[lucicfg] Update 1.30.11 => 1.31.1."
  6cebde7 (
      Update pylint vpython specs to use a specific minor version.
  8254f06 (
      Mitigate Python 3 multiprocessing bug on Windows
  9a3c4bc (
      Add some c++17 headers to the list of known headers.
  28190a2 (
      Fix not creating GNArgs file when there are multiple dependencies

  5097dad (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  bdfb420 (
      [qemu] Fix build and enable LTO
  7ab0faf (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  396fb3f (
      [fint][rbe] Revert to single RBE parameter
  eb19618 (
      [sdk] Set Chromium gclient variable for SDK override
  509728f (
      [edk2] Enable IPv6
  292ff45 (
      [sdk] Add companion image CAS digests to package overrides
  328292d (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  b35a9dc (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  b161dcb (
      [disabled-tests] Improve disabled test recipe
  0e08e42 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  ea021b1 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  5e27510 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  9b8c03d (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  1d089c5 (
      Revert "[rbe] Update log.proto"
  a22ad57 (
      [cipd_integration_tagger] Convert to proto properties
  79fbe24 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  6508a90 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest
  e9d6424 (
      [roll] Update tools to latest

  bc859d1 (
      Roll CAS Client from e5e97e5390db to df39938896c4
  13b77f0 (
      Roll CAS Client from 5f84a66bf481 to 5d9b6ecf87cd

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Flutter LUCI Recipes

This repository contains Flutter's LUCI recipes. For the LUCI infrastructure config, see flutter/infra. Actual builds can be seen at

Supported repositories roll their .ci.yaml into flutter/infra, which updates what properties builds have. For example, flutter config specifies various dependencies the different tests require, which are then used by the flutter_deps recipe_module No modifications to flutter/infra are required to work on the recipes.


Tricium configurations recipes repo.

Testing locally

Running python test train will execute all of the tests in this repository


Required binary is not found on PATH: cipd when testing locally

You need to ensure depot_tools is installed. See Depot Tools Installation Tutorial