Revert "Reland: "Start uploading docs to GCS.""

This reverts commit 0499182eee1e59bae9a67fd6cc1d13aca6c8a38e.

Reason for revert: Reverting because now the recipe is trying to zip the docs content even when the docs have not been created.

Original change's description:
> Reland: "Start uploading docs to GCS."
> The previous cl was reverted because both "docs test" and "docs deploy"
> were uploading the zip artifact and the builders were not allowing to
> override the destination artifacts.
> With this updated version only "docs deploy" will be uploading the
> artifacts and a second change is enabling override on retry for
> framework builders.
> Bug: flutter/flutter#111921
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Bug: flutter/flutter#111921
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Flutter LUCI Recipes

This repository contains Flutter's LUCI recipes. For the LUCI infrastructure config, see flutter/infra. Actual builds can be seen at

Supported repositories roll their .ci.yaml into flutter/infra, which updates what properties builds have. For example, flutter config specifies various dependencies the different tests require, which are then used by the flutter_deps recipe_module No modifications to flutter/infra are required to work on the recipes.


Tricium configurations recipes repo.

Testing locally

Running python test train will execute all of the tests in this repository


Required binary is not found on PATH: cipd when testing locally

You need to ensure depot_tools is installed. See Depot Tools Installation Tutorial