Switch flutter-infra to flutter-infra-staging for LUCI firebase builds.

Verified the permission changes to the flutter-infra-staging gcp project by running Linux firebase_abstract_method_smoke_test.


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Flutter LUCI Recipes

This repository contains Flutter's LUCI recipes. For the LUCI infrastructure config, see flutter/infra. Actual builds can be seen at ci.chromium.org.

Supported repositories roll their .ci.yaml into flutter/infra, which updates what properties builds have. For example, flutter config specifies various dependencies the different tests require, which are then used by the flutter_deps recipe_module No modifications to flutter/infra are required to work on the recipes.


Tricium configurations recipes repo.

Recipe Branching for Releases

The script branch_recipes.py is used to generate new copies of the LUCI recipes for a beta release. See Recipe Branching for Releases for more information. For usage:

$ ./branch_recipes.py --help