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* psstack.h
* Adobe's code for emulating a CFF stack (specification).
* Copyright 2007-2013 Adobe Systems Incorporated.
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#ifndef PSSTACK_H_
#define PSSTACK_H_
#include <freetype/internal/compiler-macros.h>
/* CFF operand stack; specified maximum of 48 or 192 values */
typedef struct CF2_StackNumber_
CF2_Fixed r; /* 16.16 fixed point */
CF2_Frac f; /* 2.30 fixed point (for font matrix) */
CF2_Int i;
} u;
CF2_NumberType type;
} CF2_StackNumber;
typedef struct CF2_StackRec_
FT_Memory memory;
FT_Error* error;
CF2_StackNumber* buffer;
CF2_StackNumber* top;
FT_UInt stackSize;
} CF2_StackRec, *CF2_Stack;
FT_LOCAL( CF2_Stack )
cf2_stack_init( FT_Memory memory,
FT_Error* error,
FT_UInt stackSize );
FT_LOCAL( void )
cf2_stack_free( CF2_Stack stack );
cf2_stack_count( CF2_Stack stack );
FT_LOCAL( void )
cf2_stack_pushInt( CF2_Stack stack,
CF2_Int val );
FT_LOCAL( void )
cf2_stack_pushFixed( CF2_Stack stack,
CF2_Fixed val );
cf2_stack_popInt( CF2_Stack stack );
FT_LOCAL( CF2_Fixed )
cf2_stack_popFixed( CF2_Stack stack );
FT_LOCAL( CF2_Fixed )
cf2_stack_getReal( CF2_Stack stack,
CF2_UInt idx );
FT_LOCAL( void )
cf2_stack_setReal( CF2_Stack stack,
CF2_UInt idx,
CF2_Fixed val );
FT_LOCAL( void )
cf2_stack_pop( CF2_Stack stack,
CF2_UInt num );
FT_LOCAL( void )
cf2_stack_roll( CF2_Stack stack,
CF2_Int count,
CF2_Int idx );
FT_LOCAL( void )
cf2_stack_clear( CF2_Stack stack );
#endif /* PSSTACK_H_ */
/* END */