[bzip2] Reset bzip stream on any error.

According to the bzip documentation it is undefined what will happen if
`BZ2_bzDecompress` is called on a `bz_stream` it has previously returned an
error against.  If `BZ2_bzDecompress` returns anything other than `BZ_OK`
the only valid next action is `BZ2_bzDecompressEnd`.

Reported as


* src/bzip2/ftbzip2.c (FT_BZip2FileRec_): Add `reset` to track the need to
reset the stream.
(ft_bzip2_file_init): Initialize `reset` to 0.
(ft_bzip2_file_reset): Set `reset` to 0 after resetting.
(ft_bzip2_file_fill_output): Set `reset` to 1 when `BZ2_bzDecompress`
returns anything other than `BZ_OK`.
1 file changed