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* psglue.h
* Adobe's code for shared stuff (specification only).
* Copyright 2007-2013 Adobe Systems Incorporated.
* This software, and all works of authorship, whether in source or
* object code form as indicated by the copyright notice(s) included
* herein (collectively, the "Work") is made available, and may only be
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#ifndef PSGLUE_H_
#define PSGLUE_H_
/* common includes for other modules */
#include "pserror.h"
#include "psfixed.h"
#include "psarrst.h"
#include "psread.h"
/* rendering parameters */
/* apply hints to rendered glyphs */
#define CF2_FlagsHinted 1
/* for testing */
#define CF2_FlagsDarkened 2
/* type for holding the flags */
typedef CF2_Int CF2_RenderingFlags;
/* elements of a glyph outline */
typedef enum CF2_PathOp_
CF2_PathOpMoveTo = 1, /* change the current point */
CF2_PathOpLineTo = 2, /* line */
CF2_PathOpQuadTo = 3, /* quadratic curve */
CF2_PathOpCubeTo = 4 /* cubic curve */
} CF2_PathOp;
/* a matrix of fixed point values */
typedef struct CF2_Matrix_
CF2_F16Dot16 a;
CF2_F16Dot16 b;
CF2_F16Dot16 c;
CF2_F16Dot16 d;
CF2_F16Dot16 tx;
CF2_F16Dot16 ty;
} CF2_Matrix;
/* these typedefs are needed by more than one header file */
/* and gcc compiler doesn't allow redefinition */
typedef struct CF2_FontRec_ CF2_FontRec, *CF2_Font;
typedef struct CF2_HintRec_ CF2_HintRec, *CF2_Hint;
/* A common structure for all callback parameters. */
/* */
/* Some members may be unused. For example, `pt0' is not used for */
/* `moveTo' and `pt3' is not used for `quadTo'. The initial point `pt0' */
/* is included for each path element for generality; curve conversions */
/* need it. The `op' parameter allows one function to handle multiple */
/* element types. */
typedef struct CF2_CallbackParamsRec_
FT_Vector pt0;
FT_Vector pt1;
FT_Vector pt2;
FT_Vector pt3;
CF2_Int op;
} CF2_CallbackParamsRec, *CF2_CallbackParams;
/* forward reference */
typedef struct CF2_OutlineCallbacksRec_ CF2_OutlineCallbacksRec,
/* callback function pointers */
typedef void
(*CF2_Callback_Type)( CF2_OutlineCallbacks callbacks,
const CF2_CallbackParams params );
struct CF2_OutlineCallbacksRec_
CF2_Callback_Type moveTo;
CF2_Callback_Type lineTo;
CF2_Callback_Type quadTo;
CF2_Callback_Type cubeTo;
CF2_Int windingMomentum; /* for winding order detection */
FT_Memory memory;
FT_Error* error;
#endif /* PSGLUE_H_ */
/* END */