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* This is an OpenSSL-compatible implementation of the RSA Data Security, Inc.
* MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm (RFC 1321).
* Homepage:
* Author:
* Alexander Peslyak, better known as Solar Designer <solar at>
* This software was written by Alexander Peslyak in 2001. No copyright is
* claimed, and the software is hereby placed in the public domain.
* In case this attempt to disclaim copyright and place the software in the
* public domain is deemed null and void, then the software is
* Copyright (c) 2001 Alexander Peslyak and it is hereby released to the
* general public under the following terms:
* Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
* modification, are permitted.
* There's ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, express or implied.
* See md5.c for more information.
#include <openssl/md5.h>
#elif !defined(_MD5_H)
#define _MD5_H
/* Any 32-bit or wider unsigned integer data type will do */
typedef unsigned int MD5_u32plus;
typedef struct {
MD5_u32plus lo, hi;
MD5_u32plus a, b, c, d;
unsigned char buffer[64];
MD5_u32plus block[16];
} MD5_CTX;
extern void MD5_Init(MD5_CTX *ctx);
extern void MD5_Update(MD5_CTX *ctx, const void *data, unsigned long size);
extern void MD5_Final(unsigned char *result, MD5_CTX *ctx);