HarfBuzz release walk-through checklist:

  • [ ] Open gitk and review changes since last release.

    • [ ] Print all public API changes: git diff $(git describe | sed 's/-.*//').. src/*.h

    • [ ] Document them in NEWS. All API and API semantic changes should be clearly marked as API additions, API changes, or API deletions.

    • [ ] Document deprecations. Ensure all new API / deprecations are in listed correctly in docs/harfbuzz-sections.txt. If release added new API, add entry for new API index at the end of docs/harfbuzz-docs.xml.

    If there‘s a backward-incompatible API change (including deletions for API used anywhere), that’s a release blocker. Do NOT release.

  • [ ] Based on severity of changes, decide whether it's a minor or micro release number bump.

  • [ ] Search for ‘XSince: REPLACEME’ on the repository and replace it with the chosen version for the release, e.g. ‘Since: 1.4.7’.

  • [ ] Make sure you have correct date and new version at the top of NEWS file.

  • [ ] Bump version in line 3 of meson.build and configure.ac.

  • [ ] Do a meson test -Cbuild so it both checks the tests and updates hb-version.h (use git diff to see if is really updated).

  • [ ] Commit NEWS, meson.build, configure.ac, and src/hb-version.h, as well as any REPLACEME changes you made. The commit message is simply the release number, e. g. “1.4.7”

  • [ ] Do a meson dist -Cbuild that runs the tests against the latest committed changes. If doesn't pass, something fishy is going on, reset the repo and start over.

  • [ ] Tag the release and sign it: e.g. git tag -s 1.4.7 -m 1.4.7. Enter your GPG password.

  • [ ] Push the commit and tag out: git push --follow-tags.