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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import sys, os, shutil, subprocess
os.chdir (os.getenv ('srcdir', os.path.dirname (__file__)))
libs = os.getenv ('libs', '.libs')
ldd = os.getenv ('LDD', shutil.which ('ldd'))
if not ldd:
otool = os.getenv ('OTOOL', shutil.which ('otool'))
if otool:
ldd = otool + ' -L'
print (' \'ldd\' not found; skipping test')
sys.exit (77)
stat = 0
tested = False
# harfbuzz-icu links to libstdc++ because icu does.
for soname in ['harfbuzz', 'harfbuzz-subset', 'harfbuzz-gobject']:
for suffix in ['so', 'dylib']:
so = os.path.join (libs, 'lib%s.%s' % (soname, suffix))
if not os.path.exists (so): continue
print ('Checking that we are not linking to libstdc++ or libc++ in %s' % so)
ldd_result = subprocess.check_output (ldd.split() + [so])
if (b'libstdc++' in ldd_result) or (b'libc++' in ldd_result):
print ('Ouch, %s is linked to libstdc++ or libc++' % so)
stat = 1
tested = True
if not tested:
print (' libharfbuzz shared library not found; skipping test')
sys.exit (77)
sys.exit (stat)