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#ifndef __HAYAI_TEST
#define __HAYAI_TEST
#include <cstddef>
#include "hayai_clock.hpp"
#include "hayai_test_result.hpp"
namespace hayai
/// Base test class.
/// @ref SetUp is invoked before each run, and @ref TearDown is invoked
/// once the run is finished. Iterations rely on the same fixture
/// for every run.
/// The default test class does not contain any actual code in the
/// SetUp and TearDown methods, which means that tests can inherit
/// this class directly for non-fixture based benchmarking tests.
class Test
/// Set up the testing fixture for execution of a run.
virtual void SetUp()
/// Tear down the previously set up testing fixture after the
/// execution run.
virtual void TearDown()
/// Run the test.
/// @param iterations Number of iterations to gather data for.
/// @returns the number of nanoseconds the run took.
uint64_t Run(std::size_t iterations)
std::size_t iteration = iterations;
// Set up the testing fixture.
// Get the starting time.
Clock::TimePoint startTime, endTime;
startTime = Clock::Now();
// Run the test body for each iteration.
while (iteration--)
// Get the ending time.
endTime = Clock::Now();
// Tear down the testing fixture.
// Return the duration in nanoseconds.
return Clock::Duration(startTime, endTime);
virtual ~Test()
/// Test body.
/// Executed for each iteration the benchmarking test is run.
virtual void TestBody()