• Require Dart 3.0.


  • Updates to the readme.


  • Revert meta constraint to ^1.3.0.


  • Update meta constraint to >=1.3.0 <3.0.0.


  • Update code examples to call the unified dart developer tool.


  • Migrate this package to null-safety.
  • Require Dart >=2.12.


  • Require Dart >=2.1.
  • Remove dependency on package:charcode.


  • Fix a number of issues affecting the package score on pub.dev.


  • Updates for Dart 2 constants. Require at least Dart 2.0.0-dev.54.

  • Fix the type of StartProcess typedef to match Process.start from dart:io.


  • ansi.dart

    • The “forScript” code paths now ignore the ansiOutputEnabled value. Affects the escapeForScript property on AnsiCode and the wrap and wrapWith functions when forScript is true.


  • ansi.dart

    • Added forScript named argument to top-level wrapWith function.

    • AnsiCode

      • Added String get escapeForScript property.

      • Added forScript named argument to wrap function.


  • Added SharedStdIn.nextLine (similar to readLineSync) and lines:
main() async {
  // Prints the first line entered on stdin.
  print(await sharedStdIn.nextLine());

  // Prints all remaining lines.
  await for (final line in sharedStdIn.lines) {
  • Added a copyPath and copyPathSync function, similar to cp -R.

  • Added a dependency on package:path.

  • Added the remaining missing arguments to ProcessManager.spawnX which forward to Process.start. It is now an interchangeable function for running a process.


  • BREAKING CHANGE: The arguments argument to ProcessManager.spawn is now positional (not named) and required. This makes it more similar to the built-in Process.start, and easier to use as a drop in replacement:
main() {
  processManager.spawn('dart', ['--version']);
  • Fixed a bug where processes created from ProcessManager.spawn could not have their stdout/stderr read through their respective getters (a runtime error was always thrown).

  • Added ProcessMangaer#spawnBackground, which does not forward stdin.

  • Added ProcessManager#spawnDetached, which does not forward any I/O.

  • Added the shellSplit() function, which parses a list of arguments in the same manner as the POSIX shell.


  • Initial commit of...
    • FutureOr<bool> String isExecutable(path).
    • ExitCode
    • ProcessManager and Spawn
    • sharedStdIn and SharedStdIn
    • ansi.dart library with support for formatting terminal output