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Third party components/libraries

This folder contains third party components or libraries that are used within the libimobiledevice project. They have been bundled since they are either not readily available on the intended target platforms and/or have been modified.

Their respective licenses are provided in each corresponding folder in a file called LICENSE.


Source: Based on commit 7fa6712ef5d581a6981ec2b08ee623314cd1d1c4. LICENCE

The original source has not been modified, except that the file test.c and the contained DLL files have been removed. To allow building within libimobiledevice, a has been added.


Source: Based on commit 587900d32777348f98477cb25123d5761fbe3725. LICENCE

For the usage within libimobiledevice, only libsrp has been used as a basis. It has been adapted to the needs of the libimobiledevice project, and contains just a part of the original code; it only supports the SRP6a client method which has been modified to use SHA512 instead of SHA1, hence the name was changed to libsrp6a-sha512. More details about the modifications can be found in libsrp6a-sha512/