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  1. cstr.c
  2. cstr.h
  6. srp.c
  7. srp.h
  8. srp6a_sha512_client.c
  9. srp_aux.h
  10. t_conv.c
  11. t_defines.h
  12. t_math.c
  13. t_misc.c
  14. t_pwd.h
  15. t_sha.c
  16. t_sha.h
  17. t_truerand.c

SRP6a-sha512 library


This library is based on Stanford's Secure Remote Password (SRP) protocol implementation, or more precise on the libsrp part thereof. The entire source code for the SRP project can be obtained from here.

It has been adapted to the needs of the libimobiledevice project, and contains just a part of the original code; it only supports the SRP6a client method which has been modified to use SHA512 instead of SHA1. The only supported SRP method is SRP6a_sha512_client_method(). Besides that, support for MbedTLS has been added.

Also, all server-side code has been removed, and the client-side code has been reduced to a minimum, so that basically only the following functions remain operational:

  • SRP_initialize_library
  • SRP_new
  • SRP_free
  • SRP_set_user_raw
  • SRP_set_params
  • SRP_set_auth_password
  • SRP_gen_pub
  • SRP_compute_key
  • SRP_respond
  • SRP_verify

Anything else has not been tested and must be considered non-functional.


The license of the original work does still apply and can be found in the LICENSE file that comes with the code.