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Version 1.1.5
* Development release
* Changes:
- Implement automatic reconnecting in idevicesyslog
- Refactor all services to use new base service
- Add new generic service_client_factory_start_service() helper
- Implement a base service that all services inherit from
- API: Refactor use of "port numbers" into a "service descriptor" which is
a needed change as all services must now transparently support SSL.
Fortunately, only minor changes are needed to migrate your code properly.
- Add experimental ideviceheartbeat to allow service checkin over the network
- Add heartbeat service implementation to keep alive network connections
- Add webinspector service implementation for WebKit remote debugging
- Fix idevicebackup2 failing due to integer overflow in free disk space
calculation on 32 bit architectures and large disk capacities
- Add support for encrypted and password protected backups to idevicebackup2
- Fix major "too long filename received" bug in idevicebackup2
- Various fixes for proper and tested WIN32 support including MinGW building
- Fix various crashers and improve quality of idevicebackup2 tool
- Add endianness helpers for systems lacking support
- Fix idevicedate to work on iOS 6+
- Add idevicediagnostics tool
- Add diagnostics_relay service implementation
- Add idevicedebugserverproxy tool for remote lldb debugging
- Add ideviceprovision tool
- Add misagent service implementation to manage provisioning profiles
- Fix crash if $HOME is empty or not defined
- Fix non-ASCII characters being stripped when using plist communication
- Improve compile support for cython and check it at configure time
- Bump cython requirement to 0.17.0+
- Fix compilation of cython bindings
- Python bindings now cover all C APIs
- Fix iOS 6 compatibility for mobilesync, mobilebackup, mobilebackup2 and
screenshotr by bumping device link protocol version number
- Do not strip non_ASCII characters from XML plists
- Fix possible crash when using OpenSSL
Version 1.1.4
* Development release
* Changes:
- Fix a bug in idevicesyslog causing the connection to close after timeout
- Bump soname revision
Version 1.1.3
* Development release
* Changes:
- Bump libusbmuxd dependency to 1.0.8
- Fix reading from syslog_relay and remove null characters
- Relicense ideviceimagemounter and idevicescreenshot to LGPL
- Fix a crash when using restored_client_free()
- API: Add sbservices_get_interface_orientation()
- Update man pages and code comments for documentation
- Minor cleanup
Version 1.1.2
* Development release
* Changes:
- Add Python bindings generated by Cython
- Bump libplist requirement to latest 1.8
- Add support for OpenSSL with fallback to GNUTLS
- Improvements and various fixes for Win32 and OS X build
- Remove glib dependency
- Improve restored implementation
- Fix various memory leaks
- Fix support for iOS 5 and later
* SWIG Python Bindings are removed
Version 1.1.1
* Development release
* Changes:
- Add new idevicebackup2 tool for full backup and restore support on iOS 4+
- Add a workaround for a bug in iOS 4.3 affecting lockdown_get_value() which
most prominently affected libgpod, gvfs, ideviceinfo and some other tools
- Read ProxyDeath message to preventing obsolete messages in device syslog
- Rework SWIG detection and includes
- Add new idevicedate tool to get or set the clock on iDevices
- API: Add mobilesync_clear_all_records_on_device()
- API: Change device_link_service_disconnect() to accept a message
- Add manpages for ideviceenterrecovery, idevicepair, idevicebackup2 and
- Add missing libgen.h include to silence compiler warnings
- Fix a segfault that might occour if locally stored certs could not be read
- Fix various memory leaks
- Update documentation
* Python Bindings will get refactored completely
Version 1.1.0
* Development release
* Changes:
- Implement restoring backups using idevicebackup
- Allow connecting without pairing using "ideviceinfo -s"
- Add ideviceenterrecovery tool
- Add mobilesync service implementation
- Add restored service implementation for restore mode
- Add home_arrest service implementation for document sharing
- Add API afc_client_new_from_connection()
- Support to fetch wallpaper in sbservices
- Support for formatVersion 2 of iOS 4+ in sbservices
- Add new lockdownd domains to ideviceinfo
- Give the device time to prepare backup data to prevent abort
- Improve idevicebackup output
- notification_proxy fixes and new notification type
- Silence some 64bit compiler warnings
- Fix various memory leaks
- Update documentation
* Python Bindings will get refactored completely
Version 1.0.7
* Maintenance release of stable series
* Changes:
- Fix SWIG 2.x detection
- Fix support for iOS 5 and later
- Flush output of idevicesyslog immediately
- Replace deprecated GNUTLS functions properly
- Fix segfaults in library and some tools
- Fix memory leaks
- Build fixes
Version 1.0.6
* Quick follow up release
* Changes:
- Add ideviceenterrecovery which was missing in last release by accident
Version 1.0.5
* Maintenance release of stable series
* Changes:
- Add a workaround for a bug in iOS 4.3 affecting lockdown_get_value() which
most prominently affected libgpod, gvfs, ideviceinfo and some other tools
- Read ProxyDeath message to preventing obsolete messages in device syslog
- Rework SWIG detection and includes
- Add manpages for ideviceenterrecovery and idevicepair
- Add missing libgen.h include to silence compiler warnings
Version 1.0.4
* Maintenance release of stable series
* Changes:
- Fix a possible crash in lockdownd_client_new_with_handshake()
- Do not not check for Swig/Python if --without-swig is set
- Fail with an error message if libgcrypt is not found
- Pass host certificate with GNUTLS correctly
- Fix connecting to iOS 4.2.1+ devices
Version 1.0.3
* Maintenance release of stable series
* Changes:
- Terminate idevicesyslog on receive errors (like device unplug)
- Bugfixes for idevicebackup tool
- Hopefully the last fixes for big endian machines
- Build fixes for FreeBSD Python support
- Fix build on Mac OS X
Version 1.0.2
* Maintenance release of stable series
* Changes:
- Backport new idevicepair tool to manage pairings
- Fix a bug causing bad backup data
- Silence 64bit compiler warnings
- Plug some memory leaks
Version 1.0.1
* Maintenance release of stable series
* Changes:
- Cleanup includes of files
- Use glib instead of netinet for endianess
- Fix installation_proxy not adding client options correctly
- idevicebackup: better handle broken or missing plist files
- Fix some memory leaks in pairing/handshake process
- Fix label not being used in lockdownd_client_new()
- Update AUTHORS, README and installation instructions
Version 1.0.0
* Changes:
- Update and fix documentation for full coverage
- Add man pages for tools
- Extend mobilebackup interface
- Add user data argument to notification callback function
- Fix broken Python bindings
- Add Python bindings for notification proxy interface
- Add screenshotr interface and tool
- Add mobile_image_mounter interface and tool
- Remove HAL fdi rules
Version 0.9.7 (RC1)
* Project is now called libimobiledevice due to legal reasons
* Changes:
- Project renamed to libimobiledevice
- Add soname versioning for future releases
- Fix regression causing never paired devices to not work by adding
auto-pairing for devices in lockdownd_client_new_with_handshake
- Add file_relay service implementation and dev test tool
- Minor device link service fixes
- New idevicebackup tool with support for full and incremental backups
- Add mobilebackup service implementation
Version 0.9.6
* Changes:
- Minor public API changes to prepare for 1.0 release:
* lockdownd_client_new -> lockdownd_client_new_with_handshake
* fooservice_recv -> fooservice_receive
* iphone_device_send/_recv -> iphone_connection_send/_receive
- Rename some code for consistency
- Refactor pairing to allow custom pair records
- Move SSL handling out of lockdownd code
- Refactor lockdown session handling code
- Remove debug mask support
- No longer do a full lockdown handshake on client_new
- Refactor debug code to be consistent and easier to use
- Run validate_pair by default during lockdown handshake
- Allow retrieving the type for lockdown query_type request
- Add new property_list_service and device_link_service abstractions
- Detect pairing failure due to having a password set on the device
- Implement lockdown phone activation and deactivation
- Fix iphoneinfo not printing values in key/value mode
- Implement lockdownd_unpair() request
- Add more notification ids and lockdown domains
- Implement label support for lockdown requests
- Add new installation_proxy interface
- Add new sbservices interface
- Implement lockdownd_validate_pair() request
- Add endian safety to AFC
- Make lockdown sessions without SSL work
- Fix linking on Mandriva Linux
- Minor bugfixes and documentation updates
Version 0.9.5
* Changes:
- Updated to the latest libplist 0.16 API
- Fixed various minor leaks and issues
- Updated Python bindings and module name
Version 0.9.4
* Changes:
- Update to libplist 0.15 API rework
- Update Python bindings
- Bufixes around usbmuxd daemon usage
- Use automake 1.11 silent rules if available
- Various bugfixes
Version 0.9.3
* Changes:
- Bump libplist requirement to 0.13 and remove deprecated code
Version 0.9.2
* Changes:
- Migrate to use the new usbmuxd daemon
- Refactor whole API
- Add iPhone 3GS support
- Add hard/symlink support for AFC
- New iphone_id tool to list connected devices and get the device
- iphoneinfo now allows plist/xml output and queries by
- Fix a lot of bugs/crashes, compiler warnings and comments
Version 0.9.1
* Changes:
- Fix make distcheck
- Bump libplist requirement to 0.12 and remove deprecated code
- A bunch of autotools fixes
Version 0.9.0
* Changes:
- Fix pkg-config dependancies
- Fix Python binding generation
- AFC cleanup and improved error handling
- Add support for the notification proxy service
- Add tools to show device information and relay syslog
- More robust pairing implementation
- Remove libiphone-initconf, SSL implementation handles it at
runtime now
- Fix receive of plists larger than a packet
- Return an error if failed to start a service on the device
- Fix usb enumeration
- Fix udev rule to catch usb hubs, too
- Add large file support
- Move out plist handling into libplist and depend on it
- Add Python bindings
- Lots of bugfixes
Version 0.1.0
* Changes:
- Use udev to set usb configuration; iphone kmod is obsolete now
- Remove HAL mounting
- Bugfixes