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# Sample makefile for rpng-win / rpng2-win / wpng using MSVC and NMAKE.
# Greg Roelofs
# Last modified: 2 June 2007
# The programs built by this makefile are described in the book,
# "PNG: The Definitive Guide," by Greg Roelofs (O'Reilly and
# Associates, 1999). Go buy a copy, eh? Well, OK, it's not
# generally for sale anymore, but it's the thought that counts,
# right? (Hint: )
# Invoke this makefile from a DOS prompt window via:
# %devstudio%\vc\bin\vcvars32.bat
# nmake -nologo -f Makefile.w32
# where %devstudio% is the installation directory for MSVC / DevStudio. If
# you get "environment out of space" errors, create a desktop shortcut with
# "c:\windows\ /e:4096" as the program command line and set the
# working directory to this directory. Then double-click to open the new
# DOS-prompt window with a bigger environment and retry the commands above.
# This makefile assumes libpng and zlib have already been built or downloaded
# and are in subdirectories at the same level as the current subdirectory
# (as indicated by the PNGPATH and ZPATH macros below). Edit as appropriate.
# Note that the names of the dynamic and static libpng and zlib libraries
# used below may change in later releases of the libraries. This makefile
# builds statically linked executables, but that can be changed by uncom-
# menting the appropriate PNGLIB and ZLIB lines.
!include <ntwin32.mak>
# macros --------------------------------------------------------------------
PNGPATH = ../libpng
#PNGLIB = $(PNGPATH)/pngdll.lib
PNGLIB = $(PNGPATH)/libpng.lib
ZPATH = ../zlib
#ZLIB = $(ZPATH)/zlibdll.lib
ZLIB = $(ZPATH)/zlibstat.lib
WINLIBS = -defaultlib:user32.lib gdi32.lib
# ["real" apps may also need comctl32.lib, comdlg32.lib, winmm.lib, etc.]
CC = cl
LD = link
RM = del
CFLAGS = -nologo -O -W3 $(cvars)
# [note that -W3 is an MSVC-specific compilation flag ("all warnings on")]
# [see %devstudio%\vc\include\win32.mak for cvars macro definition]
O = .obj
E = .exe
RLDFLAGS = -nologo -subsystem:windows
WLDFLAGS = -nologo
RPNG = rpng-win
RPNG2 = rpng2-win
WPNG = wpng
ROBJS = $(RPNG)$(O) readpng$(O)
ROBJS2 = $(RPNG2)$(O) readpng2$(O)
WOBJS = $(WPNG)$(O) writepng$(O)
EXES = $(RPNG)$(E) $(RPNG2)$(E) $(WPNG)$(E)
# implicit make rules -------------------------------------------------------
$(CC) -c $(CPPFLAGS) $(CFLAGS) $<
# dependencies --------------------------------------------------------------
all: $(EXES)
$(RPNG)$(E): $(ROBJS)
$(LD) $(RLDFLAGS) -out:$@ $(ROBJS) $(RLIBS)
$(RPNG2)$(E): $(ROBJS2)
$(LD) $(RLDFLAGS) -out:$@ $(ROBJS2) $(RLIBS)
$(WPNG)$(E): $(WOBJS)
$(LD) $(WLDFLAGS) -out:$@ $(WOBJS) $(WLIBS)
$(RPNG)$(O): $(RPNG).c readpng.h
$(RPNG2)$(O): $(RPNG2).c readpng2.h
$(WPNG)$(O): $(WPNG).c writepng.h
readpng$(O): readpng.c readpng.h
readpng2$(O): readpng2.c readpng2.h
writepng$(O): writepng.c writepng.h
# maintenance ---------------------------------------------------------------
# ideally we could just do this:
# $(RM) $(EXES) $(ROBJS) $(ROBJS2) $(WOBJS)
# ...but the Windows "DEL" command is none too bright, so:
$(RM) r*$(E)
$(RM) w*$(E)
$(RM) r*$(O)
$(RM) w*$(O)