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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:convert';
import 'dart:io' as io;
import 'package:process/process.dart';
import 'git.dart';
import 'globals.dart';
import 'repository.dart';
import 'stdio.dart';
/// A service for rolling the SDK's pub packages to latest and open a PR upstream.
class PackageAutoroller {
required this.githubClient,
required this.token,
required this.framework,
required this.orgName,
required this.processManager,
this.githubUsername = 'fluttergithubbot',
Stdio? stdio,
}) {
this.stdio = stdio ?? VerboseStdio.local();
if (token.trim().isEmpty) {
throw Exception('empty token!');
if (githubClient.trim().isEmpty) {
throw Exception('Must provide path to GitHub client!');
if (orgName.trim().isEmpty) {
throw Exception('Must provide an orgName!');
late final Stdio stdio;
final FrameworkRepository framework;
final ProcessManager processManager;
/// Path to GitHub CLI client.
final String githubClient;
final String githubUsername;
/// GitHub API access token.
final String token;
static const String hostname = '';
static const String prBody = '''
This PR was generated by `flutter update-packages --force-upgrade`.
/// Name of the feature branch to be opened on against the mirror repo.
/// We never re-use a previous branch, so the branch name ends in an index
/// number, which gets incremented for each roll.
late final Future<String> featureBranchName = (() async {
final List<String> remoteBranches = await framework.listRemoteBranches(framework.mirrorRemote!.name);
int x = 1;
String name(int index) => 'packages-autoroller-branch-$index';
while (remoteBranches.contains(name(x))) {
x += 1;
return name(x);
void log(String message) {
/// Name of the GitHub organization to push the feature branch to.
final String orgName;
Future<void> roll() async {
try {
await authLogin();
final bool openPrAlready = await hasOpenPrs();
if (openPrAlready) {
// Don't open multiple roll PRs.
final bool didUpdate = await updatePackages();
if (!didUpdate) {
log('Packages are already at latest.');
await pushBranch();
await createPr(repository: await framework.checkoutDirectory);
await authLogout();
} on Exception catch (exception) {
final String message = _redactToken(exception.toString());
throw Exception('${exception.runtimeType}: $message');
// Ensure we don't leak the GitHub token in exception messages
String _redactToken(String message) => message.replaceAll(token, '[GitHub TOKEN]');
/// Attempt to update all pub packages.
/// Will return whether or not any changes were made.
Future<bool> updatePackages({
bool verbose = true,
}) async {
final String author = '$githubUsername <$>';
await framework.newBranch(await featureBranchName);
final io.Process flutterProcess = await framework.streamFlutter(<String>[
if (verbose) '--verbose',
final int exitCode = await flutterProcess.exitCode;
if (exitCode != 0) {
throw ConductorException('Failed to update packages with exit code $exitCode');
// If the git checkout is clean, then pub packages are already at latest that cleanly resolve.
if (await framework.gitCheckoutClean()) {
return false;
await framework.commit(
'roll packages',
addFirst: true,
author: author,
return true;
Future<void> pushBranch() async {
final String projectName = framework.mirrorRemote!.url.split(r'/').last;
// Encode the token into the remote URL for authentication to work
final String remote = 'https://$token@$hostname/$orgName/$projectName';
await framework.pushRef(
fromRef: await featureBranchName,
toRef: await featureBranchName,
remote: remote,
Future<void> authLogout() {
return cli(
<String>['auth', 'logout', '--hostname', hostname],
allowFailure: true,
Future<void> authLogin() {
return cli(
stdin: '$token\n',
/// Create a pull request on GitHub.
/// Depends on the gh cli tool.
Future<void> createPr({
required io.Directory repository,
String title = 'Roll pub packages',
String body = 'This PR was generated by `flutter update-packages --force-upgrade`.',
String base = FrameworkRepository.defaultBranch,
bool draft = false,
}) async {
const List<String> labels = <String>['tool', 'autosubmit'];
// We will wrap title and body in double quotes before delegating to gh
// binary
await cli(
'$orgName:${await featureBranchName}',
for (final String label in labels) ...<String>['--label', label],
if (draft)
workingDirectory: repository.path,
Future<void> help([List<String>? args]) {
return cli(<String>[
/// Run a sub-process with the GitHub CLI client.
/// Will return STDOUT of the sub-process.
Future<String> cli(
List<String> args, {
bool allowFailure = false,
String? stdin,
String? workingDirectory,
}) async {
log('Executing "$githubClient ${args.join(' ')}" in $workingDirectory');
final io.Process process = await processManager.start(
<String>[githubClient, ...args],
workingDirectory: workingDirectory,
environment: <String, String>{},
final List<String> stderrStrings = <String>[];
final List<String> stdoutStrings = <String>[];
final Future<void> stdoutFuture = process.stdout
final Future<void> stderrFuture = process.stderr
if (stdin != null) {
await process.stdin.flush();
await process.stdin.close();
final int exitCode = await process.exitCode;
await Future.wait(<Future<Object?>>[
final String stderr = stderrStrings.join();
final String stdout = stdoutStrings.join();
if (!allowFailure && exitCode != 0) {
throw GitException(
return stdout;
Future<bool> hasOpenPrs() async {
// gh pr list --author christopherfujino --repo flutter/flutter --state open --json number
final String openPrString = await cli(<String>[
// We are only interested in pub rolls, not devicelab flaky PRs
// Return structured JSON with the PR numbers of open PRs
// This will be an array of objects, one for each open PR.
final List<Object?> openPrs = json.decode(openPrString) as List<Object?>;
if (openPrs.isNotEmpty) {
log('$githubUsername already has open tool PRs:\n$openPrs');
return true;
return false;