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# ==============================================================================
# The contents of this file are automatically generated and it is not
# recommended to modify this file manually.
# ==============================================================================
# In order to prevent unexpected splitting of deferred apps, this file records
# the last generated set of loading units. It only possible to obtain the final
# configuration of loading units after compilation is complete. This means
# improperly setup deferred imports can only be detected after compilation.
# This file allows the build tool to detect any changes in the generated
# loading units. During the next build attempt, loading units in this file are
# compared against the newly generated loading units to check for any new or
# removed loading units. In the case where loading units do not match, the build
# will fail and ask the developer to verify that the `deferred-components`
# configuration in `pubspec.yaml` is correct. Developers should make any
# necessary changes to integrate new and changed loading units or remove no
# longer existing loading units from the configuration. The build command should
# then be re-run to continue the build process.
# Sometimes, changes to the generated loading units may be unintentional. If
# the list of loading units in this file is not what is expected, the app's
# deferred imports should be reviewed. Third party plugins and packages may
# also introduce deferred imports that result in unexpected loading units.
- id: 2
- package:deferred_components_test/component1.dart