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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:ui' show hashValues;
import 'package:flutter/foundation.dart';
/// A description of an icon fulfilled by a font glyph.
/// See [Icons] for a number of predefined icons available for material
/// design applications.
class IconData {
/// Creates icon data.
/// Rarely used directly. Instead, consider using one of the predefined icons
/// like the [Icons] collection.
/// The [fontPackage] argument must be non-null when using a font family that
/// is included in a package. This is used when selecting the font.
const IconData(
this.codePoint, {
this.matchTextDirection = false,
/// The Unicode code point at which this icon is stored in the icon font.
final int codePoint;
/// The font family from which the glyph for the [codePoint] will be selected.
final String fontFamily;
/// The name of the package from which the font family is included.
/// The name is used by the [Icon] widget when configuring the [TextStyle] so
/// that the given [fontFamily] is obtained from the appropriate asset.
/// See also:
/// * [TextStyle], which describes how to use fonts from other packages.
final String fontPackage;
/// Whether this icon should be automatically mirrored in right-to-left
/// environments.
/// The [Icon] widget respects this value by mirroring the icon when the
/// [Directionality] is [TextDirection.rtl].
final bool matchTextDirection;
bool operator ==(dynamic other) {
if (runtimeType != other.runtimeType)
return false;
final IconData typedOther = other;
return codePoint == typedOther.codePoint
&& fontFamily == typedOther.fontFamily
&& fontPackage == typedOther.fontPackage
&& matchTextDirection == typedOther.matchTextDirection;
int get hashCode => hashValues(codePoint, fontFamily, fontPackage, matchTextDirection);
String toString() => 'IconData(U+${codePoint.toRadixString(16).toUpperCase().padLeft(5, '0')})';
/// [DiagnosticsProperty] that has an [IconData] as value.
class IconDataProperty extends DiagnosticsProperty<IconData> {
/// Create a diagnostics property for [IconData].
/// The [showName], [style], and [level] arguments must not be null.
String name,
IconData value, {
String ifNull,
bool showName = true,
DiagnosticsTreeStyle style = DiagnosticsTreeStyle.singleLine,
DiagnosticLevel level =,
}) : assert(showName != null),
assert(style != null),
assert(level != null),
super(name, value,
showName: showName,
ifNull: ifNull,
style: style,
level: level,
Map<String, Object> toJsonMap(DiagnosticsSerializationDelegate delegate) {
final Map<String, Object> json = super.toJsonMap(delegate);
if (value != null) {
json['valueProperties'] = <String, Object>{
'codePoint': value.codePoint,
return json;