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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:flutter/foundation.dart';
import 'framework.dart';
/// An inherited widget for a [Listenable] [notifier], which updates its
/// dependencies when the [notifier] is triggered.
/// This is a variant of [InheritedWidget], specialized for subclasses of
/// [Listenable], such as [ChangeNotifier] or [ValueNotifier].
/// Dependents are notified whenever the [notifier] sends notifications, or
/// whenever the identity of the [notifier] changes.
/// Multiple notifications are coalesced, so that dependents only rebuild once
/// even if the [notifier] fires multiple times between two frames.
/// Typically this class is subclassed with a class that provides an `of` static
/// method that calls [BuildContext.inheritFromWidgetOfExactType] with that
/// class.
/// The [updateShouldNotify] method may also be overridden, to change the logic
/// in the cases where [notifier] itself is changed. The [updateShouldNotify]
/// method is called with the old [notifier] in the case of the [notifier] being
/// changed. When it returns true, the dependents are marked as needing to be
/// rebuilt this frame.
/// See also:
/// * [Animation], an implementation of [Listenable] that ticks each frame to
/// update a value.
/// * [ViewportOffset] or its subclass [ScrollPosition], implementations of
/// [Listenable] that trigger when a view is scrolled.
/// * [InheritedWidget], an inherited widget that only notifies dependents
/// when its value is different.
/// * [InheritedModel], an inherited widget that allows clients to subscribe
/// to changes for subparts of the value.
abstract class InheritedNotifier<T extends Listenable> extends InheritedWidget {
/// Create an inherited widget that updates its dependents when [notifier]
/// sends notifications.
/// The [child] argument must not be null.
const InheritedNotifier({
Key key,
@required Widget child,
}) : assert(child != null),
super(key: key, child: child);
/// The [Listenable] object to which to listen.
/// Whenever this object sends change notifications, the dependents of this
/// widget are triggered.
/// By default, whenever the [notifier] is changed (including when changing to
/// or from null), if the old notifier is not equal to the new notifier (as
/// determined by the `==` operator), notifications are sent. This behavior
/// can be overridden by overriding [updateShouldNotify].
/// While the [notifier] is null, no notifications are sent, since the null
/// object cannot itself send notifications.
final T notifier;
bool updateShouldNotify(InheritedNotifier<T> oldWidget) {
return oldWidget.notifier != notifier;
_InheritedNotifierElement<T> createElement() => _InheritedNotifierElement<T>(this);
class _InheritedNotifierElement<T extends Listenable> extends InheritedElement {
_InheritedNotifierElement(InheritedNotifier<T> widget) : super(widget) {
InheritedNotifier<T> get widget => super.widget;
bool _dirty = false;
void update(InheritedNotifier<T> newWidget) {
final T oldNotifier = widget.notifier;
final T newNotifier = newWidget.notifier;
if (oldNotifier != newNotifier) {
Widget build() {
if (_dirty)
void _handleUpdate() {
_dirty = true;
void notifyClients(InheritedNotifier<T> oldWidget) {
_dirty = false;
void unmount() {