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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
/// This script removes published archives from the cloud storage and the
/// corresponding JSON metadata file that the website uses to determine what
/// releases are available.
/// If asked to remove a release that is currently the release on that channel,
/// it will replace that release with the next most recent release on that
/// channel.
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:convert';
import 'dart:io' hide Platform;
import 'package:args/args.dart';
import 'package:path/path.dart' as path;
import 'package:platform/platform.dart' show LocalPlatform, Platform;
import 'package:process/process.dart';
const String gsBase = 'gs://flutter_infra_release';
const String releaseFolder = '/releases';
const String gsReleaseFolder = '$gsBase$releaseFolder';
const String baseUrl = '';
/// Exception class for when a process fails to run, so we can catch
/// it and provide something more readable than a stack trace.
class UnpublishException implements Exception {
UnpublishException(this.message, [this.result]);
final String message;
final ProcessResult? result;
int get exitCode => result?.exitCode ?? -1;
String toString() {
String output = runtimeType.toString();
output += ': $message';
final String stderr = result?.stderr as String? ?? '';
if (stderr.isNotEmpty) {
output += ':\n$stderr';
return output;
enum Channel { dev, beta, stable }
String getChannelName(Channel channel) {
switch (channel) {
case Channel.beta:
return 'beta';
return 'dev';
case Channel.stable:
return 'stable';
Channel fromChannelName(String? name) {
switch (name) {
case 'beta':
return Channel.beta;
case 'dev':
case 'stable':
return Channel.stable;
throw ArgumentError('Invalid channel name.');
enum PublishedPlatform { linux, macos, windows }
String getPublishedPlatform(PublishedPlatform platform) {
switch (platform) {
case PublishedPlatform.linux:
return 'linux';
case PublishedPlatform.macos:
return 'macos';
return 'windows';
PublishedPlatform fromPublishedPlatform(String name) {
switch (name) {
case 'linux':
return PublishedPlatform.linux;
case 'macos':
return PublishedPlatform.macos;
case 'windows':
throw ArgumentError('Invalid published platform name.');
/// A helper class for classes that want to run a process, optionally have the
/// stderr and stdout reported as the process runs, and capture the stdout
/// properly without dropping any.
class ProcessRunner {
/// Creates a [ProcessRunner].
/// The [processManager], [subprocessOutput], and [platform] arguments must
/// not be null.
this.processManager = const LocalProcessManager(),
this.subprocessOutput = true,
this.platform = const LocalPlatform(),
}) {
environment = Map<String, String>.from(platform.environment);
/// The platform to use for a starting environment.
final Platform platform;
/// Set [subprocessOutput] to show output as processes run. Stdout from the
/// process will be printed to stdout, and stderr printed to stderr.
final bool subprocessOutput;
/// Set the [processManager] in order to inject a test instance to perform
/// testing.
final ProcessManager processManager;
/// Sets the default directory used when `workingDirectory` is not specified
/// to [runProcess].
final Directory? defaultWorkingDirectory;
/// The environment to run processes with.
late Map<String, String> environment;
/// Run the command and arguments in `commandLine` as a sub-process from
/// `workingDirectory` if set, or the [defaultWorkingDirectory] if not. Uses
/// [Directory.current] if [defaultWorkingDirectory] is not set.
/// Set `failOk` if [runProcess] should not throw an exception when the
/// command completes with a non-zero exit code.
Future<String> runProcess(
List<String> commandLine, {
Directory? workingDirectory,
bool failOk = false,
}) async {
workingDirectory ??= defaultWorkingDirectory ?? Directory.current;
if (subprocessOutput) {
stderr.write('Running "${commandLine.join(' ')}" in ${workingDirectory.path}.\n');
final List<int> output = <int>[];
final Completer<void> stdoutComplete = Completer<void>();
final Completer<void> stderrComplete = Completer<void>();
late Process process;
Future<int> allComplete() async {
await stderrComplete.future;
await stdoutComplete.future;
return process.exitCode;
try {
process = await processManager.start(
workingDirectory: workingDirectory.absolute.path,
environment: environment,
(List<int> event) {
if (subprocessOutput) {
onDone: () async => stdoutComplete.complete(),
if (subprocessOutput) {
(List<int> event) {
onDone: () async => stderrComplete.complete(),
} else {
} on ProcessException catch (e) {
final String message = 'Running "${commandLine.join(' ')}" in ${workingDirectory.path} '
'failed with:\n$e';
throw UnpublishException(message);
} on ArgumentError catch (e) {
final String message = 'Running "${commandLine.join(' ')}" in ${workingDirectory.path} '
'failed with:\n$e';
throw UnpublishException(message);
final int exitCode = await allComplete();
if (exitCode != 0 && !failOk) {
final String message = 'Running "${commandLine.join(' ')}" in ${workingDirectory.path} failed';
throw UnpublishException(
ProcessResult(0, exitCode, null, 'returned $exitCode'),
return utf8.decoder.convert(output).trim();
class ArchiveUnpublisher {
this.platform, {
this.confirmed = false,
ProcessManager? processManager,
bool subprocessOutput = true,
}) : assert(revisionsBeingRemoved.length == 40),
metadataGsPath = '$gsReleaseFolder/${getMetadataFilename(platform)}',
_processRunner = ProcessRunner(
processManager: processManager ?? const LocalProcessManager(),
subprocessOutput: subprocessOutput,
final PublishedPlatform platform;
final String metadataGsPath;
final Set<Channel> channels;
final Set<String> revisionsBeingRemoved;
final bool confirmed;
final Directory tempDir;
final ProcessRunner _processRunner;
static String getMetadataFilename(PublishedPlatform platform) => 'releases_${getPublishedPlatform(platform)}.json';
/// Remove the archive from Google Storage.
Future<void> unpublishArchive() async {
final Map<String, dynamic> jsonData = await _loadMetadata();
final List<Map<String, String>> releases = (jsonData['releases'] as List<dynamic>).map<Map<String, String>>((dynamic entry) {
final Map<String, dynamic> mapEntry = entry as Map<String, dynamic>;
return mapEntry.cast<String, String>();
final Map<Channel, Map<String, String>> paths = await _getArchivePaths(releases);
releases.removeWhere((Map<String, String> value) => revisionsBeingRemoved.contains(value['hash']) && channels.contains(fromChannelName(value['channel'])));
releases.sort((Map<String, String> a, Map<String, String> b) {
final DateTime aDate = DateTime.parse(a['release_date']!);
final DateTime bDate = DateTime.parse(b['release_date']!);
return bDate.compareTo(aDate);
jsonData['releases'] = releases;
for (final Channel channel in channels) {
if (!revisionsBeingRemoved.contains((jsonData['current_release'] as Map<String, dynamic>)[getChannelName(channel)])) {
// Don't replace the current release if it's not one of the revisions we're removing.
final Map<String, String> replacementRelease = releases.firstWhere((Map<String, String> value) => value['channel'] == getChannelName(channel));
(jsonData['current_release'] as Map<String, dynamic>)[getChannelName(channel)] = replacementRelease['hash'];
'${confirmed ? 'Reverting' : 'Would revert'} current ${getChannelName(channel)} '
'${getPublishedPlatform(platform)} release to ${replacementRelease['hash']} (version ${replacementRelease['version']}).'
await _cloudRemoveArchive(paths);
await _updateMetadata(jsonData);
Future<Map<Channel, Map<String, String>>> _getArchivePaths(List<Map<String, String>> releases) async {
final Set<String> hashes = <String>{};
final Map<Channel, Map<String, String>> paths = <Channel, Map<String, String>>{};
for (final Map<String, String> revision in releases) {
final String hash = revision['hash']!;
final Channel channel = fromChannelName(revision['channel']);
if (revisionsBeingRemoved.contains(hash) && channels.contains(channel)) {
paths[channel] ??= <String, String>{};
paths[channel]![hash] = revision['archive']!;
final Set<String> missingRevisions = revisionsBeingRemoved.difference(hashes.intersection(revisionsBeingRemoved));
if (missingRevisions.isNotEmpty) {
final bool plural = missingRevisions.length > 1;
throw UnpublishException('Revision${plural ? 's' : ''} $missingRevisions ${plural ? 'are' : 'is'} not present in the server metadata.');
return paths;
Future<Map<String, dynamic>> _loadMetadata() async {
final File metadataFile = File(
path.join(tempDir.absolute.path, getMetadataFilename(platform)),
// Always run this, even in dry runs.
await _runGsUtil(<String>['cp', metadataGsPath, metadataFile.absolute.path], confirm: true);
final String currentMetadata = metadataFile.readAsStringSync();
if (currentMetadata.isEmpty) {
throw UnpublishException('Empty metadata received from server');
Map<String, dynamic> jsonData;
try {
jsonData = json.decode(currentMetadata) as Map<String, dynamic>;
} on FormatException catch (e) {
throw UnpublishException('Unable to parse JSON metadata received from cloud: $e');
return jsonData;
Future<void> _updateMetadata(Map<String, dynamic> jsonData) async {
// We can't just cat the metadata from the server with 'gsutil cat', because
// Windows wants to echo the commands that execute in gsutil.bat to the
// stdout when we do that. So, we copy the file locally and then read it
// back in.
final File metadataFile = File(
path.join(tempDir.absolute.path, getMetadataFilename(platform)),
const JsonEncoder encoder = JsonEncoder.withIndent(' ');
print('${confirmed ? 'Overwriting' : 'Would overwrite'} $metadataGsPath with contents of ${metadataFile.absolute.path}');
await _cloudReplaceDest(metadataFile.absolute.path, metadataGsPath);
Future<String> _runGsUtil(
List<String> args, {
Directory? workingDirectory,
bool failOk = false,
bool confirm = false,
}) async {
final List<String> command = <String>['gsutil', '--', ...args];
if (confirm) {
return _processRunner.runProcess(
workingDirectory: workingDirectory,
failOk: failOk,
} else {
print('Would run: ${command.join(' ')}');
return '';
Future<void> _cloudRemoveArchive(Map<Channel, Map<String, String>> paths) async {
final List<String> files = <String>[];
print('${confirmed ? 'Removing' : 'Would remove'} the following release archives:');
for (final Channel channel in paths.keys) {
final Map<String, String> hashes = paths[channel]!;
for (final String hash in hashes.keys) {
final String file = '$gsReleaseFolder/${hashes[hash]}';
print(' $file');
await _runGsUtil(<String>['rm', ...files], failOk: true, confirm: confirmed);
Future<String> _cloudReplaceDest(String src, String dest) async {
assert(dest.startsWith('gs:'), '_cloudReplaceDest must have a destination in cloud storage.');
assert(!src.startsWith('gs:'), '_cloudReplaceDest must have a local source file.');
// We often don't have permission to overwrite, but
// we have permission to remove, so that's what we do first.
await _runGsUtil(<String>['rm', dest], failOk: true, confirm: confirmed);
String? mimeType;
if (dest.endsWith('.tar.xz')) {
mimeType = 'application/x-gtar';
if (dest.endsWith('.zip')) {
mimeType = 'application/zip';
if (dest.endsWith('.json')) {
mimeType = 'application/json';
final List<String> args = <String>[
// Use our preferred MIME type for the files we care about
// and let gsutil figure it out for anything else.
if (mimeType != null) ...<String>['-h', 'Content-Type:$mimeType'],
...<String>['cp', src, dest],
return _runGsUtil(args, confirm: confirmed);
void _printBanner(String message) {
final String banner = '*** $message ***';
print('*' * banner.length);
print('*' * banner.length);
/// Prepares a flutter git repo to be removed from the published cloud storage.
Future<void> main(List<String> rawArguments) async {
final List<String> allowedChannelValues =<String>((Channel channel) => getChannelName(channel)).toList();
final List<String> allowedPlatformNames =<String>((PublishedPlatform platform) => getPublishedPlatform(platform)).toList();
final ArgParser argParser = ArgParser();
help: 'A location where temporary files may be written. Defaults to a '
'directory in the system temp folder. If a temp_dir is not '
'specified, then by default a generated temporary directory will be '
'created, used, and removed automatically when the script exits.',
help: 'The Flutter git repo revisions to remove from the published site. '
'Must be full 40-character hashes. More than one may be specified, '
'either by giving the option more than once, or by giving a comma '
'separated list. Required.');
allowed: allowedChannelValues,
help: 'The Flutter channels to remove the archives corresponding to the '
'revisions given with --revision. More than one may be specified, '
'either by giving the option more than once, or by giving a '
'comma separated list. If not specified, then the archives from all '
'channels that a revision appears in will be removed.',
allowed: allowedPlatformNames,
help: 'The Flutter platforms to remove the archive from. May specify more '
'than one, either by giving the option more than once, or by giving a '
'comma separated list. If not specified, then the archives from all '
'platforms that a revision appears in will be removed.',
help: 'If set, will actually remove the archive from Google Cloud Storage '
'upon successful execution of this script. Published archives will be '
'removed from this directory: $baseUrl$releaseFolder. This option '
'must be set to perform any action on the server, otherwise only a dry '
'run is performed.',
negatable: false,
help: 'Print help for this command.',
final ArgResults parsedArguments = argParser.parse(rawArguments);
if (parsedArguments['help'] as bool) {
void errorExit(String message, {int exitCode = -1}) {
stderr.write('Error: $message\n\n');
final List<String> revisions = parsedArguments['revision'] as List<String>;
if (revisions.isEmpty) {
errorExit('Invalid argument: at least one --revision must be specified.');
for (final String revision in revisions) {
if (revision.length != 40) {
errorExit('Invalid argument: --revision "$revision" must be the entire hash, not just a prefix.');
if (revision.contains(RegExp(r'[^a-fA-F0-9]'))) {
errorExit('Invalid argument: --revision "$revision" contains non-hex characters.');
final String tempDirArg = parsedArguments['temp_dir'] as String;
Directory tempDir;
bool removeTempDir = false;
if (tempDirArg.isEmpty) {
tempDir = Directory.systemTemp.createTempSync('flutter_package.');
removeTempDir = true;
} else {
tempDir = Directory(tempDirArg);
if (!tempDir.existsSync()) {
errorExit("Temporary directory $tempDirArg doesn't exist.");
if (!(parsedArguments['confirm'] as bool)) {
_printBanner('This will be just a dry run. To actually perform the changes below, re-run with --confirm argument.');
final List<String> channelArg = parsedArguments['channel'] as List<String>;
final List<String> channelOptions = channelArg.isNotEmpty ? channelArg : allowedChannelValues;
final Set<Channel> channels =<Channel>((String value) => fromChannelName(value)).toSet();
final List<String> platformArg = parsedArguments['platform'] as List<String>;
final List<String> platformOptions = platformArg.isNotEmpty ? platformArg : allowedPlatformNames;
final List<PublishedPlatform> platforms =<PublishedPlatform>((String value) => fromPublishedPlatform(value)).toList();
int exitCode = 0;
late String message;
late String stack;
try {
for (final PublishedPlatform platform in platforms) {
final ArchiveUnpublisher publisher = ArchiveUnpublisher(
confirmed: parsedArguments['confirm'] as bool,
await publisher.unpublishArchive();
} on UnpublishException catch (e, s) {
exitCode = e.exitCode;
message = e.message;
stack = s.toString();
} catch (e, s) {
exitCode = -1;
message = e.toString();
stack = s.toString();
} finally {
if (removeTempDir) {
tempDir.deleteSync(recursive: true);
if (exitCode != 0) {
errorExit('$message\n$stack', exitCode: exitCode);
if (!(parsedArguments['confirm'] as bool)) {
_printBanner('This was just a dry run. To actually perform the above changes, re-run with --confirm argument.');