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name: flutter_test
version: 0.0.12-dev
# The flutter tools depend on very specific internal implementation
# details of the 'test' package, which change between versions, so
# here we pin it precisely to avoid version skew across our
# packages. When changing this, also update the pubspec.yaml files
# for the flutter_tools and devicelab packages. All other packages
# should depend on this one to transitively get the pinned version.
test: 0.12.24+2
# We use FakeAsync and other testing utilities.
quiver: ^0.24.0
sdk: flutter
# We import stack_trace because the test packages uses it and we
# need to be able to unmangle the stack traces that it passed to
# stack_trace. See
stack_trace: any # use version expected by test package
# We override the createHttpClient in flutter with a MockClient.
http: any # use version expected by flutter
# Used by globalToLocal et al.
vector_math: any # use version expected by flutter