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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:path/path.dart' as path;
import '../framework/task_result.dart';
import '../framework/utils.dart';
/// Run each benchmark this many times and compute average, min, max.
const int _kRunsPerBenchmark = 10;
Future<TaskResult> flutterToolStartupBenchmarkTask() async {
final Directory projectParentDirectory =
final Directory projectDirectory =
dir(path.join(projectParentDirectory.path, 'benchmark'));
await inDirectory<void>(flutterDirectory, () async {
await flutter('update-packages');
await flutter('create', options: <String>[projectDirectory.path]);
// Remove 'test' directory so we don't time the actual testing, but only the launching of the flutter tool
rmTree(dir(path.join(projectDirectory.path, 'test')));
final Map<String, dynamic> data = <String, dynamic>{
// `flutter test` in dir with no `test` folder.
...(await _Benchmark(
'test startup',
// `flutter test -d foo_device` in dir woth no `test` folder.
...(await _Benchmark(
'test startup with specified device',
options: <String>['-d', 'foo_device'],
// `flutter test -v` where no android sdk will be found (at least currently).
...(await _Benchmark(
'test startup no android sdk',
options: <String>['-v'],
environment: <String, String>{
'ANDROID_HOME': 'dummy value',
'ANDROID_SDK_ROOT': 'dummy value',
'PATH': pathWithoutWhereHits(<String>['adb', 'aapt']),
// `flutter -h`.
...(await _Benchmark(
'help startup',
// Cleanup.
return TaskResult.success(data, benchmarkScoreKeys: data.keys.toList());
String pathWithoutWhereHits(List<String> whats) {
final String pathEnvironment = Platform.environment['PATH'] ?? '';
List<String> paths;
if (Platform.isWindows) {
paths = pathEnvironment.split(';');
} else {
paths = pathEnvironment.split(':');
// This isn't great but will probably work for our purposes.
final List<String> extensions = <String>['', '.exe', '.bat', '.com'];
final List<String> notFound = <String>[];
for (final String path in paths) {
bool found = false;
for (final String extension in extensions) {
for (final String what in whats) {
final File f = File('$path${Platform.pathSeparator}$what$extension');
if (f.existsSync()) {
found = true;
if (found) {
if (!found) {
if (Platform.isWindows) {
return notFound.join(';');
} else {
return notFound.join(':');
class _BenchmarkResult {
const _BenchmarkResult(this.mean, this.min, this.max);
final int mean; // Milliseconds
final int min; // Milliseconds
final int max; // Milliseconds
Map<String, dynamic> asMap(String name) {
return <String, dynamic>{
name: mean,
'${name}_minimum': min,
'${name}_maximum': max,
class _Benchmark {
_Benchmark(, this.title, this.command,
{this.options = const <String>[], this.environment});
final Directory directory;
final String title;
final String command;
final List<String> options;
final Map<String, String>? environment;
Future<int> execute(int iteration, int targetIterations) async {
section('Benchmark $title - ${iteration + 1} / $targetIterations');
final Stopwatch stopwatch = Stopwatch();
await inDirectory<void>(directory, () async {
// canFail is set to true, as e.g. `flutter test` in a dir with no `test`
// directory sets a non-zero return value.
await flutter(command,
options: options, canFail: true, environment: environment);
return stopwatch.elapsedMilliseconds;
/// Runs `benchmark` several times and reports the results.
Future<_BenchmarkResult> run() async {
final List<int> results = <int>[];
int sum = 0;
for (int i = 0; i < _kRunsPerBenchmark; i++) {
final int thisRuntime = await execute(i, _kRunsPerBenchmark);
sum += thisRuntime;
return _BenchmarkResult(sum ~/ results.length, results.first, results.last);