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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import '../base/file_system.dart';
import 'migrate_utils.dart';
/// Data class that holds all results and generated directories from a computeMigration run.
/// mergeResults, addedFiles, and deletedFiles includes the sets of files to be migrated while
/// the other members track the temporary sdk and generated app directories created by the tool.
/// The compute function does not clean up the temp directories, as the directories may be reused,
/// so this must be done manually afterwards.
class MigrateResult {
/// Explicitly initialize the MigrateResult.
required this.mergeResults,
required this.addedFiles,
required this.deletedFiles,
required this.tempDirectories,
required this.sdkDirs,
required this.mergeTypeMap,
required this.diffMap,
/// Creates a MigrateResult with all empty members.
: mergeResults = <MergeResult>[],
addedFiles = <FilePendingMigration>[],
deletedFiles = <FilePendingMigration>[],
tempDirectories = <Directory>[],
mergeTypeMap = <String, MergeType>{},
diffMap = <String, DiffResult>{},
sdkDirs = <String, Directory>{};
/// The results of merging existing files with the target files.
final List<MergeResult> mergeResults;
/// Tracks the files that are to be newly added to the project.
final List<FilePendingMigration> addedFiles;
/// Tracks the files that are to be deleted from the project.
final List<FilePendingMigration> deletedFiles;
/// Tracks the temporary directories created during the migrate compute process.
final List<Directory> tempDirectories;
/// Mapping between the local path of a file and the type of merge that should be used.
final Map<String, MergeType> mergeTypeMap;
/// Mapping between the local path of a file and the diff between the base and target
/// versions of the file.
final Map<String, DiffResult> diffMap;
/// The root directory of the base app.
Directory? generatedBaseTemplateDirectory;
/// The root directory of the target app.
Directory? generatedTargetTemplateDirectory;
/// The root directories of the Flutter SDK for each revision.
Map<String, Directory> sdkDirs;
/// Defines available merge techniques.
enum MergeType {
/// A standard three-way merge.
/// A two way merge that ignores the base version of the file.
/// A `CustomMerge` manually handles the merge.
/// Stores a file that has been marked for migration and metadata about the file.
class FilePendingMigration {
FilePendingMigration(this.localPath, this.file);
String localPath;
File file;