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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:math' as math;
import 'package:file/file.dart';
import 'package:meta/meta.dart';
import 'package:package_config/package_config.dart';
import 'package:webdriver/async_io.dart' as async_io;
import '../base/common.dart';
import '../base/io.dart';
import '../base/logger.dart';
import '../base/process.dart';
import '../build_info.dart';
import '../convert.dart';
import '../device.dart';
import '../globals.dart' as globals;
import '../project.dart';
import '../resident_runner.dart';
import '../web/web_runner.dart';
import 'drive_service.dart';
/// An implementation of the driver service for web debug and release applications.
class WebDriverService extends DriverService {
required ProcessUtils processUtils,
required String dartSdkPath,
required Logger logger,
}) : _processUtils = processUtils,
_dartSdkPath = dartSdkPath,
_logger = logger;
final ProcessUtils _processUtils;
final String _dartSdkPath;
final Logger _logger;
late ResidentRunner _residentRunner;
Uri? _webUri;
/// The result of [].
/// This is expected to stay `null` throughout the test, as the application
/// must be running until [stop] is called. If it becomes non-null, it likely
/// indicates a bug.
int? _runResult;
Future<void> start(
BuildInfo buildInfo,
Device device,
DebuggingOptions debuggingOptions,
bool ipv6, {
File? applicationBinary,
String? route,
String? userIdentifier,
String? mainPath,
Map<String, Object> platformArgs = const <String, Object>{},
}) async {
final FlutterDevice flutterDevice = await FlutterDevice.create(
target: mainPath,
buildInfo: buildInfo,
platform: globals.platform,
_residentRunner = webRunnerFactory!.createWebRunner(
target: mainPath,
ipv6: ipv6,
debuggingOptions: buildInfo.isRelease ?
port: debuggingOptions.port,
: DebuggingOptions.enabled(
port: debuggingOptions.port,
disablePortPublication: debuggingOptions.disablePortPublication,
stayResident: true,
urlTunneller: null,
flutterProject: FlutterProject.current(),
fileSystem: globals.fs,
usage: globals.flutterUsage,
logger: _logger,
systemClock: globals.systemClock,
final Completer<void> appStartedCompleter = Completer<void>.sync();
final Future<int?> runFuture =
appStartedCompleter: appStartedCompleter,
route: route,
bool isAppStarted = false;
await Future.any(<Future<Object?>>[
runFuture.then((int? result) {
_runResult = result;
return null;
appStartedCompleter.future.then((_) {
isAppStarted = true;
return null;
if (_runResult != null) {
throw ToolExit(
'Application exited before the test started. Check web driver logs '
'for possible application-side errors.'
if (!isAppStarted) {
throw ToolExit('Failed to start application');
_webUri = _residentRunner.uri;
if (_webUri == null) {
throw ToolExit('Unable to connect to the app. URL not available.');
Future<int> startTest(
String testFile,
List<String> arguments,
Map<String, String> environment,
PackageConfig packageConfig, {
bool? headless,
String? chromeBinary,
String? browserName,
bool? androidEmulator,
int? driverPort,
List<String> webBrowserFlags = const <String>[],
List<String>? browserDimension,
String? profileMemory,
}) async {
late async_io.WebDriver webDriver;
final Browser browser = _browserNameToEnum(browserName);
try {
webDriver = await async_io.createDriver(
uri: Uri.parse('http://localhost:$driverPort/'),
desired: getDesiredCapabilities(
webBrowserFlags: webBrowserFlags,
chromeBinary: chromeBinary,
} on SocketException catch (error) {
'Unable to start a WebDriver session for web testing.\n'
'Make sure you have the correct WebDriver server (e.g. chromedriver) running at $driverPort.\n'
'For instructions on how to obtain and run a WebDriver server, see:\n'
final bool isAndroidChrome = browser == Browser.androidChrome;
// Do not set the window size for android chrome browser.
if (!isAndroidChrome) {
assert(browserDimension!.length == 2);
late int x;
late int y;
try {
x = int.parse(browserDimension![0]);
y = int.parse(browserDimension[1]);
} on FormatException catch (ex) {
throwToolExit('Dimension provided to --browser-dimension is invalid: $ex');
final async_io.Window window = await webDriver.window;
await window.setLocation(const math.Point<int>(0, 0));
await window.setSize(math.Rectangle<int>(0, 0, x, y));
final int result = await<String>[
], environment: <String, String>{
'VM_SERVICE_URL': _webUri.toString(),
..._additionalDriverEnvironment(webDriver, browserName, androidEmulator),
await webDriver.quit();
return result;
Future<void> stop({File? writeSkslOnExit, String? userIdentifier}) async {
final bool appDidFinishPrematurely = _runResult != null;
await _residentRunner.exitApp();
await _residentRunner.cleanupAtFinish();
if (appDidFinishPrematurely) {
throw ToolExit(
'Application exited before the test finished. Check web driver logs '
'for possible application-side errors.'
Map<String, String> _additionalDriverEnvironment(async_io.WebDriver webDriver, String? browserName, bool? androidEmulator) {
return <String, String>{
'DRIVER_SESSION_URI': webDriver.uri.toString(),
'DRIVER_SESSION_SPEC': webDriver.spec.toString(),
'DRIVER_SESSION_CAPABILITIES': json.encode(webDriver.capabilities),
'SUPPORT_TIMELINE_ACTION': (_browserNameToEnum(browserName) ==,
'ANDROID_CHROME_ON_EMULATOR': (_browserNameToEnum(browserName) == Browser.androidChrome && androidEmulator!).toString(),
Future<void> reuseApplication(Uri vmServiceUri, Device device, DebuggingOptions debuggingOptions, bool ipv6) async {
throwToolExit('--use-existing-app is not supported with flutter web driver');
/// A list of supported browsers.
enum Browser {
/// Chrome on Android:
/// Chrome:
/// Edge:
/// Firefox:
/// Safari in iOS:
/// Safari in macOS:
/// Returns desired capabilities for given [browser], [headless], [chromeBinary]
/// and [webBrowserFlags].
Map<String, dynamic> getDesiredCapabilities(
Browser browser,
bool? headless, {
List<String> webBrowserFlags = const <String>[],
String? chromeBinary,
}) {
switch (browser) {
return <String, dynamic>{
'acceptInsecureCerts': true,
'browserName': 'chrome',
'goog:loggingPrefs': <String, String>{
async_io.LogType.browser: 'INFO',
async_io.LogType.performance: 'ALL',
'chromeOptions': <String, dynamic>{
if (chromeBinary != null)
'binary': chromeBinary,
'w3c': false,
'args': <String>[
if (headless!) '--headless',
'perfLoggingPrefs': <String, String>{
case Browser.firefox:
return <String, dynamic>{
'acceptInsecureCerts': true,
'browserName': 'firefox',
'moz:firefoxOptions' : <String, dynamic>{
'args': <String>[
if (headless!) '-headless',
'prefs': <String, dynamic>{
'dom.file.createInChild': true,
'dom.timeout.background_throttling_max_budget': -1,
'media.autoplay.default': 0,
'media.gmp-manager.url': '',
'media.gmp-provider.enabled': false,
'network.captive-portal-service.enabled': false,
'security.insecure_field_warning.contextual.enabled': false,
'test.currentTimeOffsetSeconds': 11491200,
'log': <String, String>{'level': 'trace'},
case Browser.edge:
return <String, dynamic>{
'acceptInsecureCerts': true,
'browserName': 'edge',
case Browser.safari:
return <String, dynamic>{
'browserName': 'safari',
case Browser.iosSafari:
return <String, dynamic>{
'platformName': 'ios',
'browserName': 'safari',
'safari:useSimulator': true,
case Browser.androidChrome:
return <String, dynamic>{
'browserName': 'chrome',
'platformName': 'android',
'goog:chromeOptions': <String, dynamic>{
'androidPackage': '',
'args': <String>[
/// Converts [browserName] string to [Browser]
Browser _browserNameToEnum(String? browserName) {
switch (browserName) {
case 'android-chrome': return Browser.androidChrome;
case 'chrome': return;
case 'edge': return Browser.edge;
case 'firefox': return Browser.firefox;
case 'ios-safari': return Browser.iosSafari;
case 'safari': return Browser.safari;
throw UnsupportedError('Browser $browserName not supported');