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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'base/context.dart';
import 'base/file_system.dart';
import 'base/platform.dart';
import 'base/utils.dart';
import 'globals.dart';
/// Information about a build to be performed or used.
class BuildInfo {
const BuildInfo(this.mode, this.flavor, {
this.trackWidgetCreation = false,
final BuildMode mode;
/// Represents a custom Android product flavor or an Xcode scheme, null for
/// using the default.
/// If not null, the Gradle build task will be `assembleFlavorMode` (e.g.
/// `assemblePaidRelease`), and the Xcode build configuration will be
/// Mode-Flavor (e.g. Release-Paid).
final String flavor;
final List<String> fileSystemRoots;
final String fileSystemScheme;
/// Whether the build should track widget creation locations.
final bool trackWidgetCreation;
/// Dart compilation trace file to use for JIT VM snapshot.
final String compilationTraceFilePath;
/// Save baseline package.
final bool createBaseline;
/// Build differential snapshot.
final bool createPatch;
/// Internal version number of dynamic patch (not displayed to users).
/// Each patch should have a unique number to differentiate from previous
/// patches for the same versionCode on Android or CFBundleVersion on iOS.
final int patchNumber;
/// The directory where to store generated dynamic patches.
final String patchDir;
/// The directory where to store generated baseline packages.
/// Built packages, such as APK files on Android, are saved and can be used
/// to generate dynamic patches in later builds.
final String baselineDir;
/// Extra command-line options for front-end.
final String extraFrontEndOptions;
/// Extra command-line options for gen_snapshot.
final String extraGenSnapshotOptions;
/// Whether to prefer AOT compiling to a *so file.
final bool buildSharedLibrary;
/// Target platform for the build (e.g. android_arm versus android_arm64).
final TargetPlatform targetPlatform;
/// Internal version number (not displayed to users).
/// Each build must have a unique number to differentiate it from previous builds.
/// It is used to determine whether one build is more recent than another, with higher numbers indicating more recent build.
/// On Android it is used as versionCode.
/// On Xcode builds it is used as CFBundleVersion.
final int buildNumber;
/// A "x.y.z" string used as the version number shown to users.
/// For each new version of your app, you will provide a version number to differentiate it from previous versions.
/// On Android it is used as versionName.
/// On Xcode builds it is used as CFBundleShortVersionString,
final String buildName;
static const BuildInfo debug = BuildInfo(BuildMode.debug, null);
static const BuildInfo profile = BuildInfo(BuildMode.profile, null);
static const BuildInfo release = BuildInfo(BuildMode.release, null);
static const BuildInfo dynamicProfile = BuildInfo(BuildMode.dynamicProfile, null);
static const BuildInfo dynamicRelease = BuildInfo(BuildMode.dynamicRelease, null);
/// Returns whether a debug build is requested.
/// Exactly one of [isDebug], [isProfile], or [isRelease] is true.
bool get isDebug => mode == BuildMode.debug;
/// Returns whether a profile build is requested.
/// Exactly one of [isDebug], [isProfile], or [isRelease] is true.
bool get isProfile => mode == BuildMode.profile || mode == BuildMode.dynamicProfile;
/// Returns whether a release build is requested.
/// Exactly one of [isDebug], [isProfile], or [isRelease] is true.
bool get isRelease => mode == BuildMode.release || mode == BuildMode.dynamicRelease;
/// Returns whether a dynamic build is requested.
bool get isDynamic => mode == BuildMode.dynamicProfile || mode == BuildMode.dynamicRelease;
bool get usesAot => isAotBuildMode(mode);
bool get supportsEmulator => isEmulatorBuildMode(mode);
bool get supportsSimulator => isEmulatorBuildMode(mode);
String get modeName => getModeName(mode);
BuildInfo withTargetPlatform(TargetPlatform targetPlatform) =>
BuildInfo(mode, flavor,
trackWidgetCreation: trackWidgetCreation,
compilationTraceFilePath: compilationTraceFilePath,
createPatch: createPatch,
extraFrontEndOptions: extraFrontEndOptions,
extraGenSnapshotOptions: extraGenSnapshotOptions,
buildSharedLibrary: buildSharedLibrary,
targetPlatform: targetPlatform);
/// The type of build.
enum BuildMode {
String getModeName(BuildMode mode) => getEnumName(mode);
// Returns true if the selected build mode uses ahead-of-time compilation.
bool isAotBuildMode(BuildMode mode) {
return mode == BuildMode.profile || mode == BuildMode.release;
// Returns true if the given build mode can be used on emulators / simulators.
bool isEmulatorBuildMode(BuildMode mode) => mode == BuildMode.debug;
enum HostPlatform {
String getNameForHostPlatform(HostPlatform platform) {
switch (platform) {
case HostPlatform.darwin_x64:
return 'darwin-x64';
case HostPlatform.linux_x64:
return 'linux-x64';
case HostPlatform.windows_x64:
return 'windows-x64';
return null;
enum TargetPlatform {
/// iOS target device architecture.
// TODO(cbracken): split TargetPlatform.ios into ios_armv7, ios_arm64.
enum IOSArch {
/// The default set of iOS device architectures to build for.
const List<IOSArch> defaultIOSArchs = <IOSArch>[
String getNameForIOSArch(IOSArch arch) {
switch (arch) {
case IOSArch.armv7:
return 'armv7';
case IOSArch.arm64:
return 'arm64';
return null;
IOSArch getIOSArchForName(String arch) {
switch (arch) {
case 'armv7':
return IOSArch.armv7;
case 'arm64':
return IOSArch.arm64;
return null;
String getNameForTargetPlatform(TargetPlatform platform) {
switch (platform) {
case TargetPlatform.android_arm:
return 'android-arm';
case TargetPlatform.android_arm64:
return 'android-arm64';
case TargetPlatform.android_x64:
return 'android-x64';
case TargetPlatform.android_x86:
return 'android-x86';
case TargetPlatform.ios:
return 'ios';
case TargetPlatform.darwin_x64:
return 'darwin-x64';
case TargetPlatform.linux_x64:
return 'linux-x64';
case TargetPlatform.windows_x64:
return 'windows-x64';
case TargetPlatform.fuchsia:
return 'fuchsia';
case TargetPlatform.tester:
return 'flutter-tester';
return null;
TargetPlatform getTargetPlatformForName(String platform) {
switch (platform) {
case 'android-arm':
return TargetPlatform.android_arm;
case 'android-arm64':
return TargetPlatform.android_arm64;
case 'android-x64':
return TargetPlatform.android_x64;
case 'android-x86':
return TargetPlatform.android_x86;
case 'ios':
return TargetPlatform.ios;
case 'darwin-x64':
return TargetPlatform.darwin_x64;
case 'linux-x64':
return TargetPlatform.linux_x64;
assert(platform != null);
return null;
HostPlatform getCurrentHostPlatform() {
if (platform.isMacOS)
return HostPlatform.darwin_x64;
if (platform.isLinux)
return HostPlatform.linux_x64;
if (platform.isWindows)
return HostPlatform.windows_x64;
printError('Unsupported host platform, defaulting to Linux');
return HostPlatform.linux_x64;
/// Returns the top-level build output directory.
String getBuildDirectory() {
// TODO(johnmccutchan): Stop calling this function as part of setting
// up command line argument processing.
if (context == null || config == null)
return 'build';
final String buildDir = config.getValue('build-dir') ?? 'build';
if (fs.path.isAbsolute(buildDir)) {
throw Exception(
'build-dir config setting in ${config.configPath} must be relative');
return buildDir;
/// Returns the Android build output directory.
String getAndroidBuildDirectory() {
// TODO(cbracken): move to android subdir.
return getBuildDirectory();
/// Returns the AOT build output directory.
String getAotBuildDirectory() {
return fs.path.join(getBuildDirectory(), 'aot');
/// Returns the asset build output directory.
String getAssetBuildDirectory() {
return fs.path.join(getBuildDirectory(), 'flutter_assets');
/// Returns the iOS build output directory.
String getIosBuildDirectory() {
return fs.path.join(getBuildDirectory(), 'ios');
/// Returns directory used by incremental compiler (IKG - incremental kernel
/// generator) to store cached intermediate state.
String getIncrementalCompilerByteStoreDirectory() {
return fs.path.join(getBuildDirectory(), 'ikg_byte_store');