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#include "{{projectName}}.h"
// A very short-lived native function.
// For very short-lived functions, it is fine to call them on the main isolate.
// They will block the Dart execution while running the native function, so
// only do this for native functions which are guaranteed to be short-lived.
FFI_PLUGIN_EXPORT intptr_t sum(intptr_t a, intptr_t b) { return a + b; }
// A longer-lived native function, which occupies the thread calling it.
// Do not call these kind of native functions in the main isolate. They will
// block Dart execution. This will cause dropped frames in Flutter applications.
// Instead, call these native functions on a separate isolate.
FFI_PLUGIN_EXPORT intptr_t sum_long_running(intptr_t a, intptr_t b) {
// Simulate work.
#if _WIN32
usleep(5000 * 1000);
return a + b;