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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// @dart = 2.8
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:typed_data';
import 'package:meta/meta.dart';
import 'package:process/process.dart';
import '../base/common.dart';
import '../base/file_system.dart';
import '../base/io.dart';
import '../base/logger.dart';
import '../convert.dart';
import 'test_compiler.dart';
import 'test_config.dart';
/// Helper class to start golden file comparison in a separate process.
/// The golden file comparator is configured using flutter_test_config.dart and that
/// file can contain arbitrary Dart code that depends on dart:ui. Thus it has to
/// be executed in a `flutter_tester` environment. This helper class generates a
/// Dart file configured with flutter_test_config.dart to perform the comparison
/// of golden files.
class TestGoldenComparator {
/// Creates a [TestGoldenComparator] instance.
TestGoldenComparator(this.shellPath, this.compilerFactory, {
@required Logger logger,
@required FileSystem fileSystem,
@required ProcessManager processManager,
}) : tempDir = fileSystem.systemTempDirectory.createTempSync('flutter_web_platform.'),
_logger = logger,
_fileSystem = fileSystem,
_processManager = processManager;
final String shellPath;
final Directory tempDir;
final TestCompiler Function() compilerFactory;
final Logger _logger;
final FileSystem _fileSystem;
final ProcessManager _processManager;
TestCompiler _compiler;
TestGoldenComparatorProcess _previousComparator;
Uri _previousTestUri;
Future<void> close() async {
tempDir.deleteSync(recursive: true);
await _compiler?.dispose();
await _previousComparator?.close();
/// Start golden comparator in a separate process. Start one file per test file
/// to reduce the overhead of starting `flutter_tester`.
Future<TestGoldenComparatorProcess> _processForTestFile(Uri testUri) async {
if (testUri == _previousTestUri) {
return _previousComparator;
final String bootstrap = TestGoldenComparatorProcess.generateBootstrap(_fileSystem.file(testUri), testUri, logger: _logger);
final Process process = await _startProcess(bootstrap);
_previousComparator = TestGoldenComparatorProcess(process, logger: _logger);
_previousTestUri = testUri;
return _previousComparator;
Future<Process> _startProcess(String testBootstrap) async {
// Prepare the Dart file that will talk to us and start the test.
final File listenerFile = (await tempDir.createTemp('listener')).childFile('listener.dart');
await listenerFile.writeAsString(testBootstrap);
// Lazily create the compiler
_compiler = _compiler ?? compilerFactory();
final String output = await _compiler.compile(listenerFile.uri);
final List<String> command = <String>[
'--packages=${_fileSystem.path.join('.dart_tool', 'package_config.json')}',
final Map<String, String> environment = <String, String>{
// Chrome is the only supported browser currently.
return _processManager.start(command, environment: environment);
Future<String> compareGoldens(Uri testUri, Uint8List bytes, Uri goldenKey, bool updateGoldens) async {
final File imageFile = await (await tempDir.createTemp('image')).childFile('image').writeAsBytes(bytes);
final TestGoldenComparatorProcess process = await _processForTestFile(testUri);
process.sendCommand(imageFile, goldenKey, updateGoldens);
final Map<String, dynamic> result = await process.getResponse();
if (result == null) {
return 'unknown error';
} else {
return (result['success'] as bool) ? null : ((result['message'] as String) ?? 'does not match');
/// Represents a `flutter_tester` process started for golden comparison. Also
/// handles communication with the child process.
class TestGoldenComparatorProcess {
/// Creates a [TestGoldenComparatorProcess] backed by [process].
TestGoldenComparatorProcess(this.process, {@required Logger logger}) : _logger = logger {
// Pipe stdout and stderr to printTrace and printError.
// Also parse stdout as a stream of JSON objects.
streamIterator = StreamIterator<Map<String, dynamic>>(
.transform<String>(const LineSplitter())
.where((String line) {
logger.printTrace('<<< $line');
return line.isNotEmpty && line[0] == '{';
.cast<Map<String, dynamic>>());
.transform<String>(const LineSplitter())
.forEach((String line) {
logger.printError('<<< $line');
final Logger _logger;
final Process process;
StreamIterator<Map<String, dynamic>> streamIterator;
Future<void> close() async {
await process.exitCode;
void sendCommand(File imageFile, Uri goldenKey, bool updateGoldens) {
final Object command = jsonEncode(<String, dynamic>{
'imageFile': imageFile.path,
'key': goldenKey.toString(),
'update': updateGoldens,
_logger.printTrace('Preparing to send command: $command');
Future<Map<String, dynamic>> getResponse() async {
final bool available = await streamIterator.moveNext();
return streamIterator.current;
static String generateBootstrap(File testFile, Uri testUri, {@required Logger logger}) {
final File testConfigFile = findTestConfigFile(testFile, logger);
// Generate comparator process for the file.
return '''
import 'dart:convert'; // flutter_ignore: dart_convert_import
import 'dart:io'; // flutter_ignore: dart_io_import
import 'package:flutter_test/flutter_test.dart';
${testConfigFile != null ? "import '${Uri.file(testConfigFile.path)}' as test_config;" : ""}
void main() async {
LocalFileComparator comparator = LocalFileComparator(Uri.parse('$testUri'));
goldenFileComparator = comparator;
${testConfigFile != null ? 'test_config.testExecutable(() async {' : ''}
final commands = stdin
.transform<String>(const LineSplitter())
await for (final dynamic command in commands) {
if (command is Map<String, dynamic>) {
File imageFile = File(command['imageFile'] as String);
Uri goldenKey = Uri.parse(command['key'] as String);
bool update = command['update'] as bool;
final bytes = await File(imageFile.path).readAsBytes();
if (update) {
await goldenFileComparator.update(goldenKey, bytes);
print(jsonEncode({'success': true}));
} else {
try {
bool success = await, goldenKey);
print(jsonEncode({'success': success}));
} on Exception catch (ex) {
print(jsonEncode({'success': false, 'message': '\$ex'}));
} else {
print('object type is not right');
${testConfigFile != null ? '});' : ''}