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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Regenerates the material icons file.
// See
import 'dart:convert' show LineSplitter;
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:args/args.dart';
import 'package:path/path.dart' as path;
const String _newCodepointsPathOption = 'new-codepoints';
const String _oldCodepointsPathOption = 'old-codepoints';
const String _iconsClassPathOption = 'icons';
const String _dryRunOption = 'dry-run';
const String _defaultNewCodepointsPath = 'codepoints';
const String _defaultOldCodepointsPath = 'bin/cache/artifacts/material_fonts/codepoints';
const String _defaultIconsPath = 'packages/flutter/lib/src/material/icons.dart';
const String _beginGeneratedMark = '// BEGIN GENERATED ICONS';
const String _endGeneratedMark = '// END GENERATED ICONS';
const String _beginPlatformAdaptiveGeneratedMark = '// BEGIN GENERATED PLATFORM ADAPTIVE ICONS';
const String _endPlatformAdaptiveGeneratedMark = '// END GENERATED PLATFORM ADAPTIVE ICONS';
const Map<String, List<String>> _platformAdaptiveIdentifiers = <String, List<String>>{
// Mapping of Flutter IDs to an Android/agnostic ID and an iOS ID.
// Flutter IDs can be anything, but should be chosen to be agnostic.
'arrow_back': <String>['arrow_back', 'arrow_back_ios'],
'arrow_forward': <String>['arrow_forward', 'arrow_forward_ios'],
'flip_camera': <String>['flip_camera_android', 'flip_camera_ios'],
'more': <String>['more_vert', 'more_horiz'],
'share': <String>['share', 'ios_share'],
// Rewrite certain Flutter IDs (reserved keywords, numbers) using prefix matching.
const Map<String, String> identifierRewrites = <String, String>{
'1x': 'one_x',
'360': 'threesixty',
'2d': 'twod',
'3d': 'threed',
'3p': 'three_p',
'6_ft': 'six_ft',
'3g': 'three_g',
'4g': 'four_g',
'5g': 'five_g',
'30fps': 'thirty_fps',
'60fps': 'sixty_fps',
'1k': 'one_k',
'2k': 'two_k',
'3k': 'three_k',
'4k': 'four_k',
'5k': 'five_k',
'6k': 'six_k',
'7k': 'seven_k',
'8k': 'eight_k',
'9k': 'nine_k',
'10k': 'ten_k',
'1mp': 'one_mp',
'2mp': 'two_mp',
'3mp': 'three_mp',
'4mp': 'four_mp',
'5mp': 'five_mp',
'6mp': 'six_mp',
'7mp': 'seven_mp',
'8mp': 'eight_mp',
'9mp': 'nine_mp',
'10mp': 'ten_mp',
'11mp': 'eleven_mp',
'12mp': 'twelve_mp',
'13mp': 'thirteen_mp',
'14mp': 'fourteen_mp',
'15mp': 'fifteen_mp',
'16mp': 'sixteen_mp',
'17mp': 'seventeen_mp',
'18mp': 'eighteen_mp',
'19mp': 'nineteen_mp',
'20mp': 'twenty_mp',
'21mp': 'twenty_one_mp',
'22mp': 'twenty_two_mp',
'23mp': 'twenty_three_mp',
'24mp': 'twenty_four_mp',
'class': 'class_',
'try': 'try_sms_star',
const Set<String> _iconsMirroredWhenRTL = <String>{
// This list is obtained from:
void main(List<String> args) {
// If we're run from the `tools` dir, set the cwd to the repo root.
if (path.basename(Directory.current.path) == 'tools')
Directory.current = Directory.current.parent.parent;
final ArgResults argResults = _handleArguments(args);
final File iconClassFile = File(path.normalize(path.absolute(argResults[_iconsClassPathOption] as String)));
if (!iconClassFile.existsSync()) {
stderr.writeln('Error: Icons file not found: ${iconClassFile.path}');
final File newCodepointsFile = File(argResults[_newCodepointsPathOption] as String);
if (!newCodepointsFile.existsSync()) {
stderr.writeln('Error: New codepoints file not found: ${newCodepointsFile.path}');
final File oldCodepointsFile = File(argResults[_oldCodepointsPathOption] as String);
if (!oldCodepointsFile.existsSync()) {
stderr.writeln('Error: Old codepoints file not found: ${oldCodepointsFile.path}');
final String newCodepointsString = newCodepointsFile.readAsStringSync();
final Map<String, String> newTokenPairMap = stringToTokenPairMap(newCodepointsString);
final String oldCodepointsString = oldCodepointsFile.readAsStringSync();
final Map<String, String> oldTokenPairMap = stringToTokenPairMap(oldCodepointsString);
_testIsMapSuperset(newTokenPairMap, oldTokenPairMap);
final String iconClassFileData = iconClassFile.readAsStringSync();
stderr.writeln('Generating icons file...');
final String newIconData = regenerateIconsFile(iconClassFileData, newTokenPairMap);
if (argResults[_dryRunOption] as bool) {
} else {
stderr.writeln('\nWriting to ${iconClassFile.path}.');
_overwriteOldCodepoints(newCodepointsFile, oldCodepointsFile);
ArgResults _handleArguments(List<String> args) {
final ArgParser argParser = ArgParser()
..addOption(_newCodepointsPathOption, defaultsTo: _defaultNewCodepointsPath, help: 'Location of the new codepoints directory')
..addOption(_oldCodepointsPathOption, defaultsTo: _defaultOldCodepointsPath, help: 'Location of the existing codepoints directory')
..addOption(_iconsClassPathOption, defaultsTo: _defaultIconsPath, help: 'Location of the material icons file')
..addFlag(_dryRunOption, defaultsTo: false);
argParser.addFlag('help', abbr: 'h', negatable: false, callback: (bool help) {
if (help) {
return argParser.parse(args);
Map<String, String> stringToTokenPairMap(String codepointData) {
final Iterable<String> cleanData = LineSplitter.split(codepointData)
.map((String line) => line.trim())
.where((String line) => line.isNotEmpty);
final Map<String, String> pairs = <String, String>{};
for (final String line in cleanData) {
final List<String> tokens = line.split(' ');
if (tokens.length != 2) {
throw FormatException('Unexpected codepoint data: $line');
pairs.putIfAbsent(tokens[0], () => tokens[1]);
return pairs;
String regenerateIconsFile(String iconData, Map<String, String> tokenPairMap) {
final List<_Icon> newIcons =<String, String> entry) => _Icon(entry)).toList();
newIcons.sort((_Icon a, _Icon b) => a._compareTo(b));
final StringBuffer buf = StringBuffer();
bool generating = false;
for (final String line in LineSplitter.split(iconData)) {
if (!generating) {
// Generate for _PlatformAdaptiveIcons
if (line.contains(_beginPlatformAdaptiveGeneratedMark)) {
generating = true;
final List<String> platformAdaptiveDeclarations = <String>[];
_platformAdaptiveIdentifiers.forEach((String flutterId, List<String> ids) {
// Automatically finds and generates styled icon declarations.
for (final String style in _Icon.styleSuffixes) {
try {
final _Icon agnosticIcon = newIcons.firstWhere(
(_Icon icon) => == '${ids[0]}$style',
orElse: () => throw ids[0]);
final _Icon iOSIcon = newIcons.firstWhere(
(_Icon icon) => == '${ids[1]}$style',
orElse: () => throw ids[1]);
platformAdaptiveDeclarations.add(_Icon.platformAdaptiveDeclaration('$flutterId$style', agnosticIcon, iOSIcon));
} catch (e) {
if (style == '') {
// Throw an error for regular (unstyled) icons.
stderr.writeln("Error while generating platformAdaptiveDeclarations: Icon '$e' not found.");
} else {
// Ignore errors for styled icons since some don't exist.
} else if (line.contains(_endPlatformAdaptiveGeneratedMark)) {
generating = false;
// Generate for Icons
if (line.contains(_beginGeneratedMark)) {
generating = true;
final String iconDeclarationsString = icon) => icon.fullDeclaration).join('');
} else if (line.contains(_endGeneratedMark)) {
generating = false;
return buf.toString();
void _testIsMapSuperset(Map<String, String> newCodepoints, Map<String, String> oldCodepoints) {
final Set<String> newCodepointsSet = newCodepoints.keys.toSet();
final Set<String> oldCodepointsSet = oldCodepoints.keys.toSet();
if (!newCodepointsSet.containsAll(oldCodepointsSet)) {
Error: New codepoints file does not contain all the existing codepoints.\n
Missing: ${oldCodepointsSet.difference(newCodepointsSet)}
} else {
final int diff = newCodepointsSet.length - oldCodepointsSet.length;
stderr.writeln('New codepoints file contains all ${oldCodepointsSet.length} existing codepoints.');
if (diff > 0) {
stderr.writeln('It also contains $diff new codepoints: ${newCodepointsSet.difference(oldCodepointsSet)}');
// Replace the old codepoints file with the new.
void _overwriteOldCodepoints(File newCodepointsFile, File oldCodepointsFile) {
stderr.writeln('Copying new codepoints file to ${oldCodepointsFile.path}.\n');
class _Icon {
// Parse tokenPair (e.g. {"6_ft_apart_outlined": "e004"}).
_Icon(MapEntry<String, String> tokenPair) {
id = tokenPair.key;
hexCodepoint = tokenPair.value;
if (id.endsWith('_outlined') && id != 'insert_chart_outlined') {
shortId = _replaceLast(id, '_outlined');
htmlSuffix = '-outlined';
} else if (id.endsWith('_rounded')) {
shortId = _replaceLast(id, '_rounded');
htmlSuffix = '-round';
} else if (id.endsWith('_sharp')) {
shortId = _replaceLast(id, '_sharp');
htmlSuffix = '-sharp';
} else {
shortId = id;
htmlSuffix = '';
flutterId = id;
for (final MapEntry<String, String> rewritePair in identifierRewrites.entries) {
if (id.startsWith(rewritePair.key)) {
flutterId = id.replaceFirst(rewritePair.key, identifierRewrites[rewritePair.key]!);
name = id.replaceAll('_', ' ');
static const List<String> styleSuffixes = <String>['', '_outlined', '_rounded', '_sharp'];
late String id; // e.g. 5g, 5g_outlined, 5g_rounded, 5g_sharp
late String shortId; // e.g. 5g
late String flutterId; // e.g. five_g, five_g_outlined, five_g_rounded, five_g_sharp
late String name; // e.g. five g, five g outlined, five g rounded, five g sharp
late String hexCodepoint; // e.g. e547
// The suffix for the 'material-icons' HTML class.
late String htmlSuffix;
String get mirroredInRTL => _iconsMirroredWhenRTL.contains(shortId) ? ', matchTextDirection: true' : '';
String get dartDoc => '<i class="material-icons$htmlSuffix md-36">$shortId</i> &#x2014; material icon named "$name"';
String get declaration =>
"static const IconData $flutterId = IconData(0x$hexCodepoint, fontFamily: 'MaterialIcons'$mirroredInRTL);";
String get fullDeclaration => '''
/// $dartDoc.
static String platformAdaptiveDeclaration(String fullFlutterId, _Icon agnosticIcon, _Icon iOSIcon) => '''
/// Platform-adaptive icon for ${agnosticIcon.dartDoc} and ${iOSIcon.dartDoc}.;
IconData get $fullFlutterId => !_isCupertino() ? Icons.${agnosticIcon.flutterId} : Icons.${iOSIcon.flutterId};
String toString() => id;
/// Analogous to [String.compareTo]
int _compareTo(_Icon b) {
// Sort a regular icon before its variants.
if (shortId == b.shortId) {
return id.length -;
return flutterId.compareTo(b.flutterId);
String _replaceLast(String string, String toReplace) {
return string.replaceAll(RegExp('$toReplace\$'), '');