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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'package:meta/meta.dart';
import 'package:process/process.dart';
import 'application_package.dart';
import 'base/file_system.dart';
import 'base/io.dart';
import 'base/logger.dart';
import 'base/platform.dart';
import 'build_info.dart';
import 'bundle_builder.dart';
import 'cache.dart';
import 'desktop_device.dart';
import 'devfs.dart';
import 'device.dart';
import 'device_port_forwarder.dart';
import 'project.dart';
import 'protocol_discovery.dart';
typedef BundleBuilderFactory = BundleBuilder Function();
BundleBuilder _defaultBundleBuilder() {
return BundleBuilder();
/// A device type that runs a prebuilt desktop binary alongside a locally compiled kernel file.
/// This could be used to support debug local development without plugins on machines that
/// have not completed the SDK setup. These features are not fully implemented and the
/// device is not currently discoverable.
class PreviewDevice extends Device {
required Platform platform,
required ProcessManager processManager,
required Logger logger,
required FileSystem fileSystem,
@visibleForTesting BundleBuilderFactory builderFactory = _defaultBundleBuilder,
}) : _platform = platform,
_processManager = processManager,
_logger = logger,
_fileSystem = fileSystem,
_bundleBuilderFactory = builderFactory,
super('preview', ephemeral: false, category: Category.desktop, platformType: PlatformType.custom);
final Platform _platform;
final ProcessManager _processManager;
final Logger _logger;
final FileSystem _fileSystem;
final BundleBuilderFactory _bundleBuilderFactory;
void clearLogs() { }
Future<void> dispose() async { }
Future<String?> get emulatorId async => null;
final DesktopLogReader _logReader = DesktopLogReader();
FutureOr<DeviceLogReader> getLogReader({ApplicationPackage? app, bool includePastLogs = false}) => _logReader;
Future<bool> installApp(ApplicationPackage? app, {String? userIdentifier}) async => true;
Future<bool> isAppInstalled(ApplicationPackage app, {String? userIdentifier}) async => false;
Future<bool> isLatestBuildInstalled(ApplicationPackage app) async => false;
Future<bool> get isLocalEmulator async => false;
bool isSupported() => true;
bool isSupportedForProject(FlutterProject flutterProject) => true;
String get name => 'preview';
DevicePortForwarder get portForwarder => const NoOpDevicePortForwarder();
Future<String> get sdkNameAndVersion async => 'preview';
Process? _process;
Future<LaunchResult> startApp(ApplicationPackage? package, {
String? mainPath,
String? route,
required DebuggingOptions debuggingOptions,
Map<String, dynamic> platformArgs = const <String, dynamic>{},
bool prebuiltApplication = false,
bool ipv6 = false,
String? userIdentifier,
}) async {
final Directory assetDirectory = _fileSystem.systemTempDirectory
// Build assets and perform initial compilation.
Status? status;
try {
status = _logger.startProgress('Compiling application for preview...');
await _bundleBuilderFactory().build(
buildInfo: debuggingOptions.buildInfo,
mainPath: mainPath,
platform: TargetPlatform.tester,
assetDirPath: getAssetBuildDirectory(),
} finally {
// Merge with precompiled executable.
final Directory precompiledDirectory =!, 'artifacts_temp', 'Debug'));
copyDirectory(precompiledDirectory, assetDirectory);
final Process process = await _processManager.start(
_process = process;
final ProtocolDiscovery vmServiceDiscovery = ProtocolDiscovery.vmService(_logReader,
devicePort: debuggingOptions.deviceVmServicePort,
hostPort: debuggingOptions.hostVmServicePort,
ipv6: ipv6,
logger: _logger,
try {
final Uri? vmServiceUri = await vmServiceDiscovery.uri;
if (vmServiceUri != null) {
return LaunchResult.succeeded(vmServiceUri: vmServiceUri);
'Error waiting for a debug connection: '
'The log reader stopped unexpectedly.',
} on Exception catch (error) {
_logger.printError('Error waiting for a debug connection: $error');
} finally {
await vmServiceDiscovery.cancel();
return LaunchResult.failed();
Future<bool> stopApp(ApplicationPackage? app, {String? userIdentifier}) async {
return _process?.kill() ?? false;
Future<TargetPlatform> get targetPlatform async {
if (_platform.isWindows) {
return TargetPlatform.windows_x64;
return TargetPlatform.tester;
Future<bool> uninstallApp(ApplicationPackage app, {String? userIdentifier}) async {
return true;
DevFSWriter createDevFSWriter(ApplicationPackage? app, String? userIdentifier) {
return LocalDevFSWriter(fileSystem: _fileSystem);