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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// @dart = 2.8
import 'basic.dart';
import 'framework.dart';
import 'navigator.dart';
import 'routes.dart';
/// A modal route that replaces the entire screen.
abstract class PageRoute<T> extends ModalRoute<T> {
/// Creates a modal route that replaces the entire screen.
RouteSettings settings,
this.fullscreenDialog = false,
}) : super(settings: settings);
/// {@template flutter.widgets.pageRoute.fullscreenDialog}
/// Whether this page route is a full-screen dialog.
/// In Material and Cupertino, being fullscreen has the effects of making
/// the app bars have a close button instead of a back button. On
/// iOS, dialogs transitions animate differently and are also not closeable
/// with the back swipe gesture.
/// {@endtemplate}
final bool fullscreenDialog;
bool get opaque => true;
bool get barrierDismissible => false;
bool canTransitionTo(TransitionRoute<dynamic> nextRoute) => nextRoute is PageRoute;
bool canTransitionFrom(TransitionRoute<dynamic> previousRoute) => previousRoute is PageRoute;
Widget _defaultTransitionsBuilder(BuildContext context, Animation<double> animation, Animation<double> secondaryAnimation, Widget child) {
return child;
/// A utility class for defining one-off page routes in terms of callbacks.
/// Callers must define the [pageBuilder] function which creates the route's
/// primary contents. To add transitions define the [transitionsBuilder] function.
class PageRouteBuilder<T> extends PageRoute<T> {
/// Creates a route that delegates to builder callbacks.
/// The [pageBuilder], [transitionsBuilder], [opaque], [barrierDismissible],
/// [maintainState], and [fullscreenDialog] arguments must not be null.
RouteSettings settings,
@required this.pageBuilder,
this.transitionsBuilder = _defaultTransitionsBuilder,
this.transitionDuration = const Duration(milliseconds: 300),
this.reverseTransitionDuration = const Duration(milliseconds: 300),
this.opaque = true,
this.barrierDismissible = false,
this.maintainState = true,
bool fullscreenDialog = false,
}) : assert(pageBuilder != null),
assert(transitionsBuilder != null),
assert(opaque != null),
assert(barrierDismissible != null),
assert(maintainState != null),
assert(fullscreenDialog != null),
super(settings: settings, fullscreenDialog: fullscreenDialog);
/// {@template flutter.widgets.pageRouteBuilder.pageBuilder}
/// Used build the route's primary contents.
/// See [ModalRoute.buildPage] for complete definition of the parameters.
/// {@endtemplate}
final RoutePageBuilder pageBuilder;
/// {@template flutter.widgets.pageRouteBuilder.transitionsBuilder}
/// Used to build the route's transitions.
/// See [ModalRoute.buildTransitions] for complete definition of the parameters.
/// {@endtemplate}
final RouteTransitionsBuilder transitionsBuilder;
final Duration transitionDuration;
final Duration reverseTransitionDuration;
final bool opaque;
final bool barrierDismissible;
final Color barrierColor;
final String barrierLabel;
final bool maintainState;
Widget buildPage(BuildContext context, Animation<double> animation, Animation<double> secondaryAnimation) {
return pageBuilder(context, animation, secondaryAnimation);
Widget buildTransitions(BuildContext context, Animation<double> animation, Animation<double> secondaryAnimation, Widget child) {
return transitionsBuilder(context, animation, secondaryAnimation, child);