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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
set -e
function script_location() {
local script_location="${BASH_SOURCE[0]}"
# Resolve symlinks
while [[ -h "$script_location" ]]; do
DIR="$(cd -P "$( dirname "$script_location")" >/dev/null && pwd)"
script_location="$(readlink "$script_location")"
[[ "$script_location" != /* ]] && script_location="$DIR/$script_location"
cd -P "$(dirname "$script_location")" >/dev/null && pwd
function generate_docs() {
# Install and activate dartdoc.
# NOTE: When updating to a new dartdoc version, please also update
# `dartdoc_options.yaml` to include newly introduced error and warning types.
"$DART" pub global activate dartdoc 4.0.0
# Install and activate the snippets tool, which resides in the
# assets-for-api-docs repo:
# >>> If you update this version, also update it in dev/bots/analyze_sample_code.dart <<<
"$DART" pub global activate snippets 0.2.5
# Run the snippets tool once to force building of the package executable,
# since "dart pub global run" has issues with startup concurrency.
# TODO(gspencergoog): Remove once pub issue is fixed,
"$DART" pub global run snippets --help
# This script generates a unified doc set, and creates
# a custom index.html, placing everything into dev/docs/doc.
(cd "$FLUTTER_ROOT/dev/tools" && "$FLUTTER" pub get)
(cd "$FLUTTER_ROOT/dev/tools" && "$DART" pub get)
(cd "$FLUTTER_ROOT" && "$DART" --disable-dart-dev --enable-asserts "$FLUTTER_ROOT/dev/tools/dartdoc.dart")
(cd "$FLUTTER_ROOT" && "$DART" --disable-dart-dev --enable-asserts "$FLUTTER_ROOT/dev/tools/java_and_objc_doc.dart")
# Zip up the docs so people can download them for offline usage.
function create_offline_zip() {
# Must be run from "$FLUTTER_ROOT/dev/docs"
echo "$(date): Zipping Flutter offline docs archive."
rm -rf doc/offline
(cd ./doc; zip -r -9 -q ../ .)
# Generate the docset for Flutter docs for use with Dash, Zeal, and Velocity.
function create_docset() {
# Must be run from "$FLUTTER_ROOT/dev/docs"
# Must have dashing installed: go get -u
# Dashing produces a LOT of log output (~30MB), so we redirect it, and just
# show the end of it if there was a problem.
echo "$(date): Building Flutter docset."
rm -rf flutter.docset
# If dashing gets stuck, Cirrus will time out the build after an hour, and we
# never get to see the logs. Thus, we run it in the background and tail the logs
# while we wait for it to complete.
dashing build --source ./doc --config ./dashing.json > $dashing_log 2>&1 &
wait $dashing_pid && \
cp ./doc/flutter/static-assets/favicon.png ./flutter.docset/icon.png && \
"$DART" --disable-dart-dev --enable-asserts ./dashing_postprocess.dart && \
tar cf flutter.docset.tar.gz --use-compress-program="gzip --best" flutter.docset
if [[ $? -ne 0 ]]; then
>&2 echo "Dashing docset generation failed"
tail -200 $dashing_log
exit 1
function deploy_docs() {
# Ensure google webmaster tools can verify our site.
cp "$FLUTTER_ROOT/dev/docs/google2ed1af765c529f57.html" "$FLUTTER_ROOT/dev/docs/doc"
case "$LUCI_BRANCH" in
echo "$(date): Updating $LUCI_BRANCH docs:"
# Disable search indexing on the master staging site so searches get only
# the stable site.
echo -e "User-agent: *\nDisallow: /" > "$FLUTTER_ROOT/dev/docs/doc/robots.txt"
echo "$(date): Updating $LUCI_BRANCH docs:"
# Enable search indexing on the master staging site so searches get only
# the stable site.
echo -e "# All robots welcome!" > "$FLUTTER_ROOT/dev/docs/doc/robots.txt"
>&2 echo "Docs deployment cannot be run on the $LUCI_BRANCH branch."
exit 0
# Move the offline archives into place, after all the processing of the doc
# directory is done. This avoids the tools recursively processing the archives
# as part of their process.
function move_offline_into_place() {
# Must be run from "$FLUTTER_ROOT/dev/docs"
echo "$(date): Moving offline data into place."
mkdir -p doc/offline
mv doc/offline/
du -sh doc/offline/
if [[ "$LUCI_BRANCH" == "stable" ]]; then
echo -e "<entry>\n <version>${FLUTTER_VERSION_STRING}</version>\n <url></url>\n</entry>" > doc/offline/flutter.xml
echo -e "<entry>\n <version>${FLUTTER_VERSION_STRING}</version>\n <url></url>\n</entry>" > doc/offline/flutter.xml
mv flutter.docset.tar.gz doc/offline/flutter.docset.tar.gz
du -sh doc/offline/flutter.docset.tar.gz
# So that users can run this script from anywhere and it will work as expected.
# Sets the Flutter root to be "$(script_location)/../..": This script assumes
# that it resides two directory levels down from the root, so if that changes,
# then this line will need to as well.
FLUTTER_ROOT="$(dirname "$(dirname "$SCRIPT_LOCATION")")"
echo "$(date): Running"
if [[ ! -d "$FLUTTER_ROOT" || ! -f "$FLUTTER_ROOT/bin/flutter" ]]; then
>&2 echo "Unable to locate the Flutter installation (using FLUTTER_ROOT: $FLUTTER_ROOT)"
exit 1
# Make sure dart is installed by invoking Flutter to download it.
# This also creates the 'version' file.
FLUTTER_VERSION=$("$FLUTTER" --version --machine)
# If the pub cache directory exists in the root, then use that.
if [[ -d "$FLUTTER_PUB_CACHE" ]]; then
# This has to be exported, because pub interprets setting it to the empty
# string in the same way as setting it to ".".
# Skip publishing docs for PRs and release candidate branches
if [[ -n "$LUCI_CI" && -z "$LUCI_PR" ]]; then
(cd "$FLUTTER_ROOT/dev/docs"; create_offline_zip)
(cd "$FLUTTER_ROOT/dev/docs"; create_docset)
(cd "$FLUTTER_ROOT/dev/docs"; move_offline_into_place)