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name: No Response
# Both `issue_comment` and `scheduled` event types are required for this Action
# to work properly.
# Schedule for five minutes after the hour, every hour
- cron: '5 * * * *'
# By specifying the access of one of the scopes, all of those that are not
# specified are set to 'none'.
issues: write
pull-requests: write
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
if: ${{ github.repository == 'flutter/flutter' }}
- uses: actions/stale@1160a2240286f5da8ec72b1c0816ce2481aabf84
repo-token: ${{ github.token }}
# Comment to post when closing an Issue for lack of response. Set to `false` to disable
close-issue-message: >
Without additional information, we are unfortunately not sure how to
resolve this issue. We are therefore reluctantly going to close this
bug for now.
If you find this problem please file a new issue with the same description,
what happens, logs and the output of 'flutter doctor -v'. All system setups
can be slightly different so it's always better to open new issues and reference
the related ones.
Thanks for your contribution.
# Number of days of inactivity before an issue is closed for lack of response.
days-before-stale: -1
days-before-close: 21
close-issue-label: "r: timeout"
# Label requiring a response.
stale-issue-label: "waiting for customer response"
stale-pr-label: "needs-info"
close-pr-message: >
Without additional information we're not able to resolve this PR.
Feel free to add more info or respond to any questions above.
Thanks for your contribution!
close-pr-label: "r: timeout"
operations-per-run: 200
any-of-labels: "waiting for customer response,needs-info"