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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:args/command_runner.dart';
import '../framework/cocoon.dart';
import '../framework/metrics_center.dart';
class UploadResultsCommand extends Command<void> {
UploadResultsCommand() {
argParser.addOption('results-file', help: 'Test results JSON to upload to Cocoon.');
help: 'Authentication token for uploading results.',
argParser.addOption('test-flaky', help: 'Flag to show whether the test is flaky: "True" or "False"');
help: '[Flutter infrastructure] Git branch of the current commit. LUCI\n'
'checkouts run in detached HEAD state, so the branch must be passed.',
argParser.addOption('luci-builder', help: '[Flutter infrastructure] Name of the LUCI builder being run on.');
argParser.addOption('task-name', help: '[Flutter infrastructure] Name of the task being run on.');
argParser.addOption('benchmark-tags', help: '[Flutter infrastructure] Benchmark tags to surface on Skia Perf');
argParser.addOption('test-status', help: 'Test status: Succeeded|Failed');
argParser.addOption('commit-time', help: 'Commit time in UNIX timestamp');
argParser.addOption('builder-bucket', help: '[Flutter infrastructure] Luci builder bucket the test is running in.');
String get name => 'upload-metrics';
String get description => '[Flutter infrastructure] Upload results data to Cocoon/Skia Perf';
Future<void> run() async {
final String? resultsPath = argResults!['results-file'] as String?;
final String? serviceAccountTokenFile = argResults!['service-account-token-file'] as String?;
final String? testFlakyStatus = argResults!['test-flaky'] as String?;
final String? gitBranch = argResults!['git-branch'] as String?;
final String? builderName = argResults!['luci-builder'] as String?;
final String? testStatus = argResults!['test-status'] as String?;
final String? commitTime = argResults!['commit-time'] as String?;
final String? taskName = argResults!['task-name'] as String?;
final String? benchmarkTags = argResults!['benchmark-tags'] as String?;
final String? builderBucket = argResults!['builder-bucket'] as String?;
// Upload metrics to skia perf from test runner when `resultsPath` is specified.
if (resultsPath != null) {
await uploadToSkiaPerf(resultsPath, commitTime, taskName, benchmarkTags);
print('Successfully uploaded metrics to skia perf');
final Cocoon cocoon = Cocoon(serviceAccountTokenPath: serviceAccountTokenFile);
return cocoon.sendTaskStatus(
resultsPath: resultsPath,
isTestFlaky: testFlakyStatus == 'True',
gitBranch: gitBranch,
builderName: builderName,
testStatus: testStatus,
builderBucket: builderBucket,